Ross Mcewen-Page
Fantastic idea!
Charlie, Galway
Nice "outside the box" thinking...
That is something I would definitely be interested in buying. Now if it can only be sold in the States.
Love it! Reakon it would be more aerodynamic than most caravans to boot. That means big fuel savings. Hope they do well and can get it to market, in New Zealand and elsewhere!
If that's caravaning, I,m In
This looks like a great concept though the idea of a folding caravan is not new. Back in the 1980s I had one built in France by Rapido which folded down into a low trailer and more than doubled it's footprint when erected, People used to be amazed when you opened it out!
I would suggest an easily removable cover for all the glass in the front and sides. Otherwise flying stones from the road, dust, dirt and bugs make for a lot of cleaning/damage. OR simply turn the trailer around and tow it via the rounded back, sparing the front (now rear) window from a lot of the stones and bugs.
Someone really ought to look at the Trailmanor line of campers.
I liked it and it's better aero before I saw it openned which is about the dumbest way to increase room I've seen. To say it won't weigh much more shows thw designers are not very good. Better would have it slide out back or most of many ways than this.
Ill conceived in my mind. It would appear to me that the roll out room would require a very flat and level surface. Not likely to be found in nature. Parking lot camping comes to mind, the perfect Wal-Mart camper has been designed.