Rama Chandran
this is the new tablet of the world
Further Update: There are two newer videos by Albert Wirtz that update the procedure he shows in the older YouTube link given in the third bullet above. Use those rather than the older link, because they cover changes made to the rooting script at the XDA Developers\' site.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtGveN7jbzs takes you through the installation of USB drivers on your PC and getting the Nook into debugging mode.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4toKbui_3U&feature=related covers the rooting steps and provides an overview of the rooted Nook Tablet.
Also, the introductory text to either of these videos provides a link to move back to 1.4.0 if you\'ve already been moved to 1.4.1. Read that thread fully, as it also provides a link to improved methods of preventing OTA updates.
Rs 16000 for a 7 inch tablet, Sorry guys,... thats far too expensive
For that amount I get a 10 inch Nvidia Tegra Honeycomb 3.2 machine here .
Jordan Palmer
cant install usb debugging says something along the lines of archiving and unarchiving
Jon A.
Or you could just buy a Vizio tablet, with Android Market enabled by default, and get a better screen and sound as well.
Thank you to \"Infinite\" and his buddy Albert for giving such great directions and troubleshooting support. I was pissed when I discovered that my new Nook Tablet did not have the Android market. My fault, yes and I almost took it back when I discovered that BN wanted to charge me $2 for a Facebook App. Then I heard about having your Nook rooted. I am pretty computer savvy for a consumer, but having a borrowed XP laptop, I appreciated the extra help that the troubleshooting threads and Albert\'s videos. Thanks for making my birthday present to myself much more fun!!!
Glenn Cuneo
I\'m not sayin one way or the other about rooting, or not root rooting, but Some people may or may not be onto something which may or may not break a warranty. I just may, or may not, know someone, who rooted something maybe last night, maybe last year, and may or may not agree with parts of of some the messages here. The Article, however is out of date. Someone I may, or may not know, may or may not have rooted, or not rooted, a NT with 1.4.1 on it last night, that allows a duel interface use-- the clunky B&N- or the full blown android version.... either way, sideloading may or may not be an issue anymore.....
I want to do it, but i'm so scared!
Jill Fajardo-Cosme
im having a problem with my tablet, i downloaded the correct file and when i click package installer it says "for security reason, only apps purchased thru the nook shop can be installed" how can i get past that????
Reikage Sanshi
I notice with the newer update on the Nook Tablet it prevents you from doing this. I just bought my nook tablet a week ago. Is there a different way I can go about still rooting it? Please let me know!