So it has the same range as a Minuteman missile did 50 years ago, and it's 2,000mph SLOWER than the Minuteman at apogee. Guess all those big, fat warheads will make up the difference, though, except that, no matter how many defensive tricks it has up it's sleeve, that missile cannot survive our satellite "ray" weapons (laser and other).
Do the Russians think we've simply been sitting on our hands for those 50 years waiting for them to catch up to us? And Putin says he's only responding to our "surrounding Russia" with threatening weapons ... when that situation hasn't changed for 50 years. Putin is a glory seeker, and that is the thing that makes him dangerous.
Captain Danger
With only 10 tones of warheads available I fail to see how it can destroy a land mass the size of Texas. The largest nuclear explosion was the "Tsar" bomb detonated in 1960 by the Russians and it was around 50 megatons and it weighed about 27 tones or 2.7 times the capacity of this missile. While the effects of the bomb could be felt hundreds of miles away it certainly did not destroy everything in that radius. We could always test it on France just to make sure I am right
Brian M
As an offensive weapon with a maximum kill power load , it virtually becomes a suicide weapon as well. You can't destroy the area the size of France without serious consequence for the whole world ( and France is not that far from Russia so bad example!).
More likely anticipated use will be with a lot of the payload taken up by defensive weapons, so as to ward off anti missile defences. Nonetheless its not a welcome addition to the world arsenal of nuclear weapons.
Nice! Just what the world needs, Armageddon now!
Unfortunately, the world still needs a Leviathan. Thank you Loz for the balanced article. @JoeFrederic, I'm afraid you are missing the point. Here you can find a fair description of the situation. There are no star-wars defences, at the moment, for this kind of stuff.
Mihai Pruna
expect the X37 program to expand greatly...
Seems a pity that we cant use all this brain power to figure out an end to the Syria crisis. Humankind always seems take the long way around every problem, building massive missiles instead of just sitting down at a table and talking. By the way, I dont think destroying France or Texas would help since neither population has much to do with the problems Russia is worrying about.
RE: "Many of us are too young to remember what it was like living in the Cold War era, where nuclear tensions between the Soviet Union and the USA were at boiling point and the world seemed to be on the brink of apocalypse."
Sorry, but this is a PUN (Pure Unadulterated Nonsense).
The Cold War was just that: COLD. The problem is that now the Psychopathic Neocons in America have decided they must be allowed to rule the world, whatever it takes, including HOT wars all over the globe and threatening other Nuclear Powers with a preemptive nuclear strike.
Compared with that, the Cold War was a Sunday afternoon stroll in the park.
"In theory, according to Russia's Sputnik magazine, it could pack enough of a nuclear punch to destroy a land mass the size of Texas, or France, in one hit."
Oh, so it must be accurate if the Russian press says so...sheesh.
..."destroying France or Texas"
The author is thinking small and he ignores this very real Russian threat.
WND RUSSIAN STRATEGIST SUGGESTS NUKING YELLOWSTONE Rest of world would see catastrophe, but 'U.S. will cease to exist' Published: 03/31/2015 - BOB UNRUH
wnd. com/2015/03/russian-strategist-suggests-nuking-yellowstone/
The suggestion is attributed to Konstantin Sivkov, who wrote in an article at the Russian language VPK News that as “a result, the U.S. will cease to exist.”
While the rest of the world, he noted, would suffer a “catastrophe,” Russia likely would suffer little “due to the distance from the eruption site, the size of the territory and the location.”
While the stress of such a disaster would affect all of civilization, he wrote, such a weapon “has the possibility” of stopping “all thought of aggression against Russia.”