Mike Stokes
There was a gas motor on the United States market in the 1960s operated almost exactly as this unit. The major difference was that it powered the front wheel
I just got done with the first day of Ragbrai and lo and behold everyone was peddling using muscles and staying fit or getting fitter. Now make one of these things so that you can power your tv while you peddle and you might have something that is actually for the betterment of the human race. As is, I see the human race racing towards the future envisioned on WALL-E.
Awesome, but whats with that price tag? its huge!
I just visited their kickstarter page and I must say, I'm impressed! These3 guys with determination have come some way. Keep it up :)
Mia Holton
Buellrider, not everyone uses a bicycle for exercise/sport/leisure, it actually has other uses like transport, and when you cycle to work you don't want to get there hot and sweaty (not every workplace has a shower), or maybe you live in a very hilly area, or you're older and the body is less able, but you still want to enjoy the ride. Electric bicycles solve this problem and make it more feasible and enjoyable to get people out of their cars and onto bikes. Do you not see the connection with more people enjoying themselves on bicycles (regardless of how they power them) and less people in cars? = better for traffic, better for environment, better for health and wellbeing. I don't understand why people see bicycles so one dimensionally. You don't have to wear lycra and sweat to make use of bicycles in a way that's better for the human race.
The big problem with a unit that comes off in seconds is that it can be stolen in seconds. There doesn't seem to be any kind of lock on this to secure it against thieves, so you'd have to lug that 14 pound brick everywhere any time you leave the bike outside.
Personally, I would prefer the mid-drive units on the market like the Cyclone or the GNG. The advantage is running the electric motor output through the drivetrain allows the motor to run closest to its most efficient speed. That helps, even though electric motors are supposed to have pretty wide power bands when compared to internal combustion engines.
Freyr Gunnar
Regular bikes are fine if you live in a flat area, but not if you have to climb hills to go to work in a suit.
Incidently, most bicycles (and scooters) sold in China today are electric.
Although it looks good from an engineering point of view, considering the price of a full electric bike, I found the price tag of the Rubbee too high, and it looks more like a solution looking for a problem: If people need a e-bike to ride around, they'll just buy one instead of buying a regular bike + a Rubbee for the same amount of money.
Vincent Bevort
From the images I can't see how to connect it to a European standard bike with a luggage holder on the back and/or a mudguard on that wheel. Mounting it (if possible) on the front wheel will for the same reasons also be impossible as a lot of people have a basket on the Handle-bar and a mudguard
As stated before it needs a protection to keep it from being stolen when you're waiting for a traffic light
Idea = OK Use = NOK
@Mike Strokes We also had a version of that motor in Europe. They still run in collector groups called Solex and was originally produced a France. maybe you're talking about the same machine?
I like it. This could be a compact solution for temporary use. Riders could still decide to leave it at home if they want the exercise of pedaling. Easy to take along for charging under the office desk, so there is little risk of theft here.
Only, what if your bike has fenders? They would get in the way, would they? And the driving wheel would spread mud all over the place if you run through puddles? Room for a bit of improvement here, still not a bad concept as such.
Most people already own a bicycle that this device could be added to and decent eBikes still cost $3,000 or more so its still a much cheaper solution.
One thing I would like to see more of is rear motor mounts like this one: http://i.imgur.com/aqR56am.jpg
It allows people to bolt kind of what ever they want to the rear and not have to worry about aesthetics or width. Gas or electric is fine and the electric motor can be can be housed separately from the battery and there isn't a need for it to be compact so it is easy to upgrade etc. Most of the ebikes and such I have seen lack "interchangeable parts" and that is really the larger problem that needs to be solved before we will see any real breakthroughs in ebike pricing.