Anne Ominous
I'd say it looks like it's made for left-handers, except for the direction in which the band wraps.
I sure would not want that big shelf sticking over my hand and restricting my wrist movement. Being a right-hander, there is absolutely no question that I'd want it to extend in the other direction.
Anne, do you think perhaps that it would orient in what ever direction you want it to??
Pretty sure the phone would detect which direction is down and flip the screen that way when you wear it on your right arm?
I wonder how long it will be before someone makes a PipBoy mod of this thing. It is just crying for it.
Mike Wright
Looks more like the doofus cuff to me.
I think it's kinda cool—and I would like to reclaim space in my pockets.
Certainly Cuff with a built-in SIM as with the Neptune Pine would make loosing your cellphone a thing of the past.
In many ways I see a wrist cellphone/communicator as being the most practical place, however I also see the biggest hurdle for both of these devices is getting past attitudes like that expressed above by Mike Wright.
Both Rufus and Neptune would be well advised to try to get their devices on A-list celebrities wrists if they hope to overcome that kind of prejudice.
If you go to purchase a Cuff from the site, but they do not reach the requirement to bring it to the market, do you get a refund of do you still receive a Cuff?
Thats probably the only question stopping me from buying one
Really, come on, you must be joking. This thing is huge and ridiculous. I have a phone already, why don't I just get some Velcro and a wrist band, voila I have the same thing - but better, I don't have to carry a companion phone. Want a smart phone on your wrist, design a phone case that has a wrist band. Again, its the same thing - but better - with a bit more polish. Want a different UI, great, create some skins for the UI so that its orientated the way you like.
You want to make a leap? Find a way to harness solar, motion and or body heat to charge the phone on your wrist.
I wear long sleeve shirts most of the time to work, I am not going to start rolling up my sleeves with my jacket on...
I really don't like that watches have gotten bigger lately, even regular men's watches are getting bigger. It seems to be the fad lately to have the biggest shiniest watch possible. To me it says, hey look at me, I'm cool and self absorbed.
Here are some specs for your watch: 1) Smaller and sleeker form factor, at least 1/2 to 1/3 the size this is 2) No companion phone. If its not replacing my phone, whats the point. 3) Build in something like Spritz so that I can read an entire book or web page easily 4) Pair this with an inconspicuous Bluetooth ear piece so that I can have a private phone conversation. 5) Water Resistant (of course I am sure you thought of this... right? At some point in the day I will be washing my hands and splash my watch)
Until you can do something like this, it feels like i'm in the 80's and your trying to put a cassette player on my wrist.
EJacob Cornelius
It looks terribly uncomfortable. They better work on that.
David Guzman
If it is going to be this big the only way I would accept it would be if it was a full smartphone and not a companion smartwatch. It really is very silly to have the device this big and not be a complete substitute for the phone like the Neptune Pine. Too bad cause it is more stylish than those but definitely at this size it should substitute the phone altogether.
Yes, the Neptune Pine is kinda large but remember that this is a first generation for a full phone functionality device. In a few more years, in a few generations it could shrink significantly, perhaps having a thinner bezel (at the edges) with the small but higher resolution screen covering much more of the top surface (like the gizmo in this article) and overall lighter weight and also perhaps thinner from top to bottom. Give it some time, it has to start somewhere but again the benefit would really be in a full smartphone like the Pine not a device like this one.
As for what JPK said in terms of solar, kinetic or body heat charging, no it can't be done or at least not yet. This is not one of those kinetic charger regular watches, those need a very small percent of the kind of power that a device like this requires. A kinetic charger would not be able to provide anywhere near that kind of power. Also it takes more space from the interior which is necessary for other things.
As for solar charging, how big a solar cell do you think you could put into something like this? To begin to be significant (and I do not think that it can do it anyway) it would require too much of the surface of the phone which is already totally necessary for the screen. The other place left is the wristband but again I do not think that it would provide anywhere near enough surface area for the purpose.
And the third option that you mentioned of body heat charging you are talking about conceptual designs that are being talk about for the future at the moment but those devices are supposed to use future circuits that would supposedly use far, far less power than today's devices so it cannot be done, not yet.
I do not think that even combining all those three would provide enough power for a device like this, at least not yet or in the near future, perhaps 30 or 40 years from now.