Gary Bonney
Picture 2 clearly shows it has twin disc brakes on the front.
It does show twin disks on the front, but what happens to your original disks? It's not easy to swap over brake lines, whether they're cable or hydro. Smart idea if he can work out the details.
The Skud
Neat! A sort of upmarket - and modernised, thankfully - version of the old unstable bike shopkeepers used to send off with the delivery boy. Make it motorised from the start, the decreased groceries payload would be a good trade-off.
You are going to kill a lot of rear rims riding that.
Gary - there are brake discs attached to the hubs, but no working brakes. It is missing calipers, cables and levers.
He has obviously used wheels from a recumbent and left the discs on either for looks or in hopes of one day integrating a braking system. I don't think it would be too hard to do really, maybe have a brake lever attach to the handlebar with a quick-release mechanism.
I think on the whole is it a very clever bit of design though.
Racqia Dvorak
I really like the thought that went into this.... I'd buy it.
This could make a nice child carrier too.
Freyr Gunnar
+1. Looks like a very good idea for when we occasionally need to carry bulky stuff instead of renting a car.
What are the cetrifugal effects of having that much extra weight forward of the steering centerline?
James Greig
This is over-engineered — with that size of rucksack it would be much easier (and cheaper) just to keep it on your back where it belongs, or investing in a nice big courier bag...