Leonard Foster Jr
Poor Elio ;-)
Racqia Dvorak
If Elio does come to market, I doubt they have anything to fear from a product that costs as much or more than a new Nissan Versa $12,350- $14,350, has a hilariously short range and a top speed that mopeds would scoff at.
Michael Wilson
I honestly doubt I"ll see anyone driving one of these in Florida or California. You would get run over. Cute car though
12 grand for what is basically an adult sized Little Tykes pedal car. And gosh, I wonder how it'll stand up to a crash. (When some numb-skull, in his autonomous car, isn't paying attention and T-bones you.)
Nice EV and should sell a good number. As for price, demand here in Florida they hafe 300k NEVs, LSVs already on the road but limited to 35mph roads or less. And some cost as much as this far better EV. What is not mentioned is just how cheap it is to run as once paid for, tag, tires is about it. It'll get 300mpge and many seniors here will buy it to replace their far more expensive cars and limited NEVs.
First think I thought when I say it was to paint it like a skull.
Yep, that is just what I was thinking--- gotta love that skull-like face. Get an orange one to drive at Halloween.
Now we are getting somewhere. I really love this little chap and would call mine The Coleopteran. It looks such a fun shopping cart. I think the price is not too bad and once economical numbers are turned out the price will almost certainly come down.
I'd pay that for a 500 cc ice version that got 75-80 mpg. Why can't a scooter company like Aprilla make something like this? It would do freeway speed and be aerodynamically superior to a mc/scooter platform. Plus the weather protection.
This is a near-perfect urban commuter / shopping cart. The price kills it a bit though. AU$8000 with battery would sell.