That is one freaking awesome boat.
The Skud
Looks fantastic, I would buy one in an instant if it had a drive system running off the fuel cells for when I got tired - as they will - two-hour shifts will not give much rest time when you allow time for ablutions, eating etc. He should at least double his fundraising target to allow for an escort/rescue boat like Channel swimmers for safety's sake. The 'wrong' wave or errant shipping container out there in the ocean may result in one of those "search for the missing hero" situations we already with long-distance yachtsmen.
What a bs justification for an adventure, shouldn't he be more worried about his kids growing up in a world where their father drowned in the middle of the Atlantic?
Mr Elbon
It will be a red dolphin with 2 courage men inside. It's great!
I hope they will be able to close the "windows" to have a large size cabin when not paddling.
They should install a radar enhancer like a l√ľneburg sphere to increase their chnace to be seen on radar.
Bernd Kohler
What an outrage . Under the guise of Environmental concern trying to finance an other Atlantic crossing by rowing. Rowing over the Atlantic was already done many times . To finance the whole thing in this way is quite cheeky, because it is nothing other than an ego trip . Nothing against it, but finance it by your self.
Andras Bakos
Thank you for all your comments with your opinion, which all been taken with respect. I am the founder of the expedition, so I thought I should stand here and gave a chance to talk directly.
Allow me to reply on the comments:
- Exodus: THANK YOU!
- The Skud: LOL you right about the engine, that's would be much easier, I got this comment lots of times. :-) We ha been tested the 2 hours shift system, and you right it is quite tight, but doable with all on-board tasks. I planning to post a video about the boat safety system, which can answer lots of concerns related to this subject. We will do all to avoid "search for the missing hero" situation, time will tell how we pass the exam.
- Ozuzi: fully understand your point of view. There is something strong you need to have to keep the fire to go on, this is mine. More like an unlimited energy than a justification.
- Mr Elbon: yeah! Also called a whale sometimes because its size... :-)
- Deres: We are! A class ocean hatched, firm locks, tested in serious security water tests! We also have the commercial vessel level of AIS system for collision avoidance, but nothing can replace our eyes and manual checking of course.
- Bernd Kohler: The unique way of crossing the Atlantic refers to the new form and technology how our boat built, and the fact from going to West to East. If you have a look around, you will see, that the regular way of crossing is from West to East. We did not intended to say we are special. We wanted to say, we try do it in a different way. The environmental cause is not a tool to raise money, if you kindly have a look at our fundraising video, it is hardly mentioned. Why? Because this is a cause gives me the energy to move forward, and the reason, why I did personal investment to built the boat, what you can see already existing, that all down by personal work and investment of 3 years. Why I am looking for help now? To be-able to move forward and close the gap to fulfill this dream. I am not hiding this, this is one of the very first sentence at the fundraising page too...
Michael Z. Williamson
Harbo and Samuelson did this in 1896 in an 18' dory made of cedar and oak.
I'm failing to see the "environmental" part of this.
I love this initiative. Well done on having a dream and taking it forward to execution. Too many of us just stop at the dream.
I do have one suggestion for you, and no, it is not to use solar panels (you must have heard that hundreds of times already). Rather I would say that to get maximum value you could plan to make this meaningful at a personal level for children (including your children of course). This might be done by arranging for an ongoing live link (through some intermediary?) with some schools (in both departure and destination countries and across different time zones) so that they could monitor your progress live from their classrooms. Besides the broader environmental awareness aspect you would also be planting important seeds in the minds of these children and - who knows - one day one or more of them might turn into environmental champions thanks directly to this trip!
It might also be cool to take a drone along so that you could send it up from time to time to get a first person view of the horizon, your own boat, and your surroundings (and transmit them to the children too!). Just remember you need to be able to recharge the batteries.. :-)
Oh and I almost forgot. Try to have as much fun as you can because nothing is really meaningful in this world if you don't enjoy it!
John Hagen-Brenner
Will this actually raise a single person's areness of the enviroment? Or is this just a Green-Stamped rationalization for a rich adventurist's boondogle?