Michael Mantion
HDMI is kinda a plus. so I think the acer wins, but only 2 usb 2.0???? no usb 3??I don\'t really care about cloud data storage, but fast stable, simple operating systems seems like a good thing. ssd is great, but my 32 gb ssd isn\'t all that faster and doesn\'t really save much electricity. Id say put a 2tb sata drive in. put 2 more usb 3.0 ports in and charge me an extra a little more if needed.
Luan To
Nobody wants to implement USB 3.0...Hence I think it will die a slow insignificant death.
Paul Anthony
I agree with Michael Mantion, except that I wouldn\'t buy the Acer for the simple reason that they put the touchpad on the left directly under my left palm. It is my experience that this leads to frustrating movements of the cursur whilst typing.
Boo to Acer for having designed it that way, especially when I see the Aspire one has it directly in the center so they should know better.
Rocky Stefano
Garbage. Who the hell would buy this shit when you could get a netbook with storage and OS oiptions? RIDICULOUS! Please explain to me what useless market niche they are trying to address?
Have People become completely stupid in this day and age ?

No real HD So Every application every file you download or use every mouse click every webpage every wifi location is on google cloud for google to spy on lol

I cant understand people these days and there lack of privacy concerns , History has already shown that you cant trust Google

Smacks forehead in disbelief
I really like the idea of cloud based computing. I\'m going to buy a few of these laptops for my wife and family. I won\'t have to be concerned about losing their data, backups, virus destroying data, application upgrades...and hopefully not a computer loaded up with junk causing instability.
I\'m ready to buy!
A new architecture for what we used to call a terminal, a dumb terminal, i.e., a communication interface with complete dependence on remote computers, yes, servers are computers, for all your information and processing abilities. Exactly the problem which led to the development of personal computers in the first place. I like Google and their great innovations, but this one is a miss, to be embraced mostly by those too young to have lived with such dependencies in the past.
The naive say it\'s different today due to new technologies, redundancies, etc. There is nothing out there that cannot be taken down, and with what\'s happening and its trend in our world one can bet on the worst happening. For essential processes one wants to limit networking dependencies, not foolishly maximize them
Arthur Hu
argh, how can ANYBODY make a yet another computer keyboard without a pgup or pgdn key? (just like the first Mac and some unix keyboards) Anybody who leaves out the page keys needs to be slapped with a rubber chicken. Bad enough that they\'re usually badly placed on notebook keyboards, but to leave them out is an abomination.
Rick Wagner
Yeah Right... TERMS OF SERVICE boys and girls... Put one photo of your girlfriend naked in the shower and they\'ll terminate your service and wipe all your files.. And don\'t tell me that *Nobody* will accidentally do this cuz that crap don\'t work here in the land of cameras on just about everything.
Sorry but I\'m not kissing someone\'s butt to prevent my files from getting erased forever. Heaven forbid you post a naked photo of your baby in the tub and get accused of kiddie porn.
Mr T
Coolfire is spot on, if you trust your data to servers in the cloud and the corporations that run them then you are a fool. But then, that describes the majority of the population I guess, so there will probably be popular!