And what is it like in direct sunlight? As poor as many of the smartphones that have screens ideal for use under the bed covers?
Galaxy Gear looks pretty neat and chic! It looks close to a regular watch. It's not like "Hey y'all, look how I'm carrying all the latest technology on my wrist!"
As to Note 3 on the other hand, I'm not so sure about the leather backing. I wish it was offered as optional. Such leathers tend to look worn or dirty after use for a while. I don't know why Samsung is so much criticized for plastic. I never thought it looked cheap. Also, you can just use a case if you don't like that glossy look.
Jens Kristianson
Seriously why would anyone like a Smart watch? Is this to replace the phones? I doubt this will take off - glad Apple has not come out with something so silly yet. :-).
The smart watches which I have seen so far from Samsung and Sony looks like mini-phones on a strap. They are definitely not going to make a positive fashion statement. Let's see if Apple can bring a cool instead of geeky look to the market, otherwise it is going to go the way of the calculator watches.....
@Jens Kristianson iWatch is just around the corner. :)
@LilQTBrain - I agree that the Gear doesn't look TOO geeky, but I tend to agree more with Riaanh regarding possible Apple style. There was speculation earlier in the year that Apple hired a top designer from Yves Saint Laurent to consult on the design of the iWatch.,2817,2421349,00.asp
If true, an enormously savvy move. Style will probably always trump functionality when it comes to wearable electronics. Apple has always shown great style consciousness. Whoever looks the most chic and stylish (least geeky) with at least basic functionality will win the crown. Looking at the Gear and without seeing the iWatch, my bet is that the iWatch is going to blow the Gear out of the water merely on style. If Apple makes it compatible with Android, say, "Goodbye, Gear!... we hardly knew ya."
Ron Spicer
What a clunker, way tooover sized. And should have been at the size it is made turned to landscape position on the wrist. What with the black and white digital clock is that it!!! I think I would put a wrist strap on a IPOD NANO before buying one of these. I hope Apple comes out with more a reasonable size and and something other then a black and white clock.
Hamza Ismail
A Really Nice Article . It Would be more good If software and application were also mentioned
Charles Zeller
I was looking for a full-size phone that wrapped around my wrist and returned to full form when removed from my wrist. This gear contraption is laughable. It will be blown away and forgotten when apple releases. (not that I like apple, I have a galaxy, but that's what will happen.)
Zain Hoosen
I smell apple fanboys amongst us humans...... Cant wait to test run the galaxy watch. Looking forward to using the camera and glancing at my watch to get a summary of email activities, weather reports, facebook updates etc
Do I invest $299 dollars for a test run?