"Women's wrists and watches tend to be smaller, so we imagine the percentage of 1st-generation Gear buyers will lean very heavily towards men."
This is an issue worthy of deeper discussion. It's difficult to find technically advanced watches that come in two sizes. I'm tired of confining my womanly wrist to the world of luxury/fashion timewear, but why spend $300+ to wear something that looks like I stole it off a boyfriend's nightstand?
"Hey bro, you getting this on your Gear?" Ha ha...
The camera is a nice touch but since it interferes with replacing the wristband I'm not going to get it. Since it is a piece of high tech it might be replaced in a year or two anyway. The watch I wear right now is around 10 years old and has gone through a few wristbands.
I just feel the watch is the last thing on our persons that can really last for years and years, everything else wears out or needs to be updated. If you buy a really nice expensive watch it could last for generations, now that is gone, the smart watch is taking that away from us.
Mike Taylor
I bought this today. ..I love it. Not any bulkier than any other man's watch... and way cool. Worth every penny already.
Great point Exodous! This is a poor attempt at getting the jump on the competition. Even when Apple release the iWatch, the lovers of fine watches and those who have a certain sartorial elegance won't want to be seen with a lump of electronics on our wrists. Samsung have typically fallen over because the Asian mindset is to copy and attempt to improve. They've had nothing to copy so there will be no innovation. Being first to market isn't always best, especially when you've not got a product worth buying. The moment Apple ties up with a real watch brand, then it'll be game over. We can only hope and pray!
Tom Huynh
I would have to agree. with normal use, after a day my battery is at 80 percent. I think it is a life saver because i no longer miss a text or email and i don't have to take my phone out all the time any more.
So it's a portal to your Galaxy phone/tablet. This is a new dimension between the smart phone...well described here.
To make it women-friendly, add a bigger bezel and call it Flair instead of Gear. Women can and do wear the biggest things on their fingers and wrists as long as it's orientated correctly. 'Gear' is masculine by design, and many women are masculine.
Longevity is now dependent on the upgrades and backwards compatibility.
Russell Willmoth
I think these articles are most useful when the reviewer says "I wore it for a month and this is my experience."
Paul Anthony
I'm unclear on if I can still use my blue tooth ear piece to have a semi private conversation while the watch is connected.
Not sure people want to go back to the geeky LED/LCD watch era of the 70's. No style. People eagerly gave up their fad digital watches for a classy analog watch. Plus having a cell phone allowed you stop wearing a watch. Watch sales started to plummet when cell phones starting becoming popular. And do we really want to look like Dick Tracy talking to our wrists?
"The Note sold in bunches"
Am I just some kind of freak or something? People keep on about how well the Note has sold but I have yet to see one in the wild or at my workplace. I can say the same about phablets in general. I see loads of iPhones and a few Android phones but never a single Note. Are we so sure it really sold in bunches or are we just taking Samsung's word for it? I tend to doubt it. I know it's anecdotal, but anything that has sold in bunches should have hit my radar by now and the Note never has.