Gary Bonney
Regarding the comments from people, I have been using a 6" screen size phone for the last several months, in that time I have had 2 comments re the size being to big, 99.9% of people don't seem fazed when I user it as a phone and on the flip side I have had quite a few people ask where they can buy one.
I've had a Note 2 for 6 months and have really learned to love the form factor. I'm a big guy, too, but my 5'2", 15-year-old daughter also loves it (and wants one!). I love using the big phone, but my love wanes a little when I have to put it in my front pocket. It wants to dislocate my hip joint. In the car I usually have it out of the pocket. Oh, and there are no tech pockets in cargo pants yet big enough for the larger format phones.
I have chinese ulefone u650 with 1900x1000 ips for 2 weeks and with FlyGrip it is my best ever phone. Mega is not bad as well but is not dual sim and has less power. 6.5" display enables it to be phone and tablet for daily use
John Driggers
Had they put in a high res screen, I'd have bought one. Sticking with my note 2 for the time being.
The Skud
Sounds like there could be a niche market for something like a 'shoulder holster' to keep these more accessible. You would have to be upfront quickly with cops though before you got a phone call - ""He's reaching for a gun! Oh, sorry, my bad, how does a Taser feel?"
Big screens rock! Come on Samsung (or Sony), please give us the one pocketable device to rule them all ... a mega-size Note 3 and stylus, less than 200g if possible, Bay Trail processor running Win 8.1 (not Win Phone), and hot swappable battery.
I just received my phone in the mail a few days ago. I love the fact that the Internet is extremely fast, but this phone is way too big. I feel almost like I am back in the 70s or 80s with a giant phone o b the side b of my head. oh... THE CAMERA SUCKS ON THIS PHONE. It takes horrible pictures at night, which it advertises that it can di this....LIE! I am returning mine and may get the HTC One regular or mini. I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone. It b is a waste of your money!
I would like to see a phablet like the mega with note 3 specs & stylus and full res ..mega+note3= meganote! Good for the vision challenged, like me!!
Spencer Pablo
I like how the writer discusses how inexpensive it is, then is baffled by how such a large screen is only a "lackluster 720 x 1280 pixel LCD."
Regarding the Mega: I am a diabetic with poor eyesight. All other smart phones were off limits to me because the text on them was too small. I can see everything on the Mega, so this phone was a Godsend for me. Samsung should market this phone to older people and those with vision problems...............