Alex Griffiths
MicroSD slots are becoming less common on Android. Not less relevant.
Samsung + Android: the poor man's Apple and iOS !
Samsung may have a couple of "betters" on the Note 3, but do I really want to pretend I've got a bigger male member when mine is pretty big anyway? What is the point of the Samsung? I pop my iPhone 5 into my shirt pocket, then I kick a ball about with my son, or I can put my suit jacket on with no intrusion. Samsung products look cheap and nasty, using the cheap, tacky look which is synonymous with Japanese/Korean/Chinese design. Americans aren't known for their style either, but Apple have bucked the trend and brought some incredible design and functionality to the mass market.
Lastly, walk into an Apple store and you're treated properly (unless you're some fat, awful woman who wants to scream and shout). You feel like you bought into something special and the Customer Service is second to none. Walk into a phone shop to buy a Samsung and you're just another mug to be fleeced.
Samsung....for the man who has nothing, will never have anything, but likes to think he's arrived!
Inappropriate Response
Apple isn't going to implement NFC but they are using BluetoothBLE in their version called iBeacon
Carl Bowers
Less relevant because of OTG. OTG is awesome. I wouldn't buy a phone without it. Especially a phone with movie watching resolution.
Vikas Vimal
And even with such a hefty lead in terms of number, performance, battery and whatnot, Samsung's Note and its siblings fail to beat Apple's lone contender in terms of hype, sales, profits, looks, fluidity and customer satisfaction, basically almost everything that matters.
hence proving the point " all brawn and no brain ".
3 gigs of ram? wonder if it can also handle xp or 95?!!
Jan Kelley
Great comparison, although the starting price is not correct. The note 3 starts at 199 on T-Mobile with a contract, undermining the 299 you are mentioning...
Robert Niehay
The Note III is a glorified tablet with some phone features, it's difficult to compare two devices with such a different scale of internal real-estate.
However, this article seems to be written to soften the blow to iphone users that their phone isn't technologically better than the Note III. Not that specs are everything...
But, Really? A difference of 1 ghz of processing power per core and 2 extra cores or 600mhz and 6 extra cores isn't a big deal? But 64-bit on a phone with 1GB of RAM and a motion calc chip is? Wha....? It's not necessary to say that "oh, the pixel density is pointless": when you know the point is the watch 1080p material in it's native resolution. Or "we'll wait and see about the camera": when know know it's the same damned glorious camera from the S4 that makes me (as an iphone user jealous).
Look, the iphone is going to have a wonderfully smooth and controlled experience compared to the GNIII, with occasional (constant) crashes from some 3rd party apps. It's okay that it's not better than something larger than some people's home computers. No need to sugarcoat it.
If the article seems a bit unbalanced because one device is outclassing another, it's because the devices aren't in the same class. No need to make the article biased to try to prove otherwise. You pretty much stated that you're comparing a phone with some tablet features against a tablet with some phone features. The tablet (phablet) is obviously going to win everything, except that portability factor. Of course, the iphone is still a pretty big phone.
Juuleekutie DiGraziozz
Well , thanks for the article, the true words always hurt somebody feeling. But no doubt about Samsung gonna beat over Apple pretty soon. Base on my knowledge I have many reason why I don't use Apple product. But one of the reason is I am not "brainwash" by Apple anyway.
Stephen Heaton
Obviously reading views here "mostly" by closed minds of the stereotypical Iphone user.
I have both a Iphone 5 (ios7) and a GS2 (jellybean) and personally prefer the now dated S2!
What a stupid comment that Samsung Android is a poor mans Apple IOS, typical Iphone user superiority complex!
Android running on any of the manufacturers bring far better userbility/ customisation and something that seals the deal for most people that is simply not found in apples regime, FREEDOM!!
Happy to say that my Note 3 is en-route, and as a day to day user of both platforms (ios7 android) this for me is a fantastic upgrade from my S2!
Vu Tran
Robert Niehay : Very well written.
The Master : WoW and more WoW , no further comment.