Now all they need to do is load Ubuntu on the table:
Dawar Saify
Will the usb mouse and keyboard be compatible? Is this the dream come true?
Joris van den Heuvel
@Dawar: the Note I works with generic mice and keyboards via a USB-OTG adapter, so I expect the Note II to have the same capabilities.
Atul Malhotra
Get one for Samsung ATIV S and I will buy both immediately. Now Samsung is talking sense !
Sonya Jones
I have had no problem connecting a blue tooth keyboard and mouse to multiple cell phones. That is worth trying.
Seth Kazzim
I can see businesses getting rid of their PCs/Desktops and opting for this set-up.
No need to keep upgrading hardware/software, just get a phone contract and Google Drive.
Milton Pozo-Mazzini
@Dawar @Joris van den Heuvel, The Galaxy Note II indeed handles advanced USB devices such as the Arc Mouse and Keyboard. It will also handle advanced devices like Game Pads and Joysticks, External Storage, OCR & Hand Scanners, etc. I have yet to find anything USB powered that doesn't work with the Galaxy Note II.
I think this is really useful. Typing on a tiny virtual keyboard is not easy, even with a stylus.
They need to make this for the Note Tablets too! Do away with some of the wires with WiFi or Bluetooth and Casting.
Eric McGonegal
I've tried a number of bluetooth (and wired) keyboards and touchpads/trackballs/mice with my note 2, opting finally for a backlit, fullsized keyboard and the best touchpad to work with it yet; the Apple magic trackpad.
It creates a large, easily visible circle vs. the black arrow with white border outline which can be a little hard to see at times.
It also works flawlessly with maps, allowing pinch to zoom in and out.
Though I also liked the trackball/calculator/10-key combo I got from Amazon for $15.