Looks to \"prefab\". Hire a serious designer.
Bill Bennett
what do you call passengers in this ride with the top down? Roll bars!
Carbon-fibre or not; with no roof and foor (very large) doors I\'d like to know the torsional rigidity of that thing.
Joseph Shimandle
There is a need for a real 4-seater convertible, but this is not well thought out. The door soultion is an abortion. Make a nice cruiser like in the 60s and 70\'s that has plenty of rear seat leg room. The 60\'s Chevy Impala convertible rocked. Even the early Mustang convertibles had more rear seat leg room than todays Mustangs and it was smaller over all.
It\'s called the 2012 Cadillac CTS-V. 556hp, just a tick behind this odd looking wedge with a 0-60 at 3.9 seconds, has four doors, and four seats. Plus I can actually get it worked on at many dealerships. So I can actually drive it.
Joseph, did you mean an abomination?
Jonathan Cole
The writer may have no knowledge of Lamborghini Espada, a four door super-car built in the early 70\'s. Mostly bought by celebrities and the super-wealthy, many of them crashed because it was just too much car to handle.
Joseph Shimandle
Timberwolf- I meant the after mass of an abortion. You don\'t want to see that sight. VR- The 2012 Cadillac CTS-V is not a convertible.
Anthony Wood
Lamborghini Espada?...2 doors, count \'em, 2! The Doors? These would be great in a tight parking lot. Comparing cars of the current era with the American Boats of the 60\'s & 70\'s is like comparing chalk & cheese. Rear passengers heads are below the rear bodyline, noticeable if you watch the video. Leg room? Seems to be lots in the video....going by the length of the legs in the back. Prefab? What? Like a Jeep or a Hummer or any off an assembly line car, they are all \"prefab\" so whats wrong with that? Nice to see a long, wide car in this world of sardine cans, why bag a new design?
Very weird styling. Not something any of us will ever see. Or afford...