And no toilet, eh? A hipsters dream, I guess!
What is even more amazing is they still have room left for the creature in pictures 3 and 4:
I think I got a gypsy curse just looking at a picture of it, I couldn't imagine sleeping at night neat it.
I can't even fit my workbench into a parking space, much less the me and the rest of the family.
The Skud
I could just get away with it (after fitting a chem. or composting toilet somewhere) but would need a shipping container nearby to hold the rest of my [yes, I need that stuff] goods. Off-grid could be solar panels, 12volt R/V appliances etc. would suit.
A small living unit on wheels? Its been called a 'caravan' for more centuries, so what's new?
Artist Caravans! Smart but not wise.
$40,000 is a lot to pay for such a small house. There are others about the same size that cost a lot less and have more features. One should check out 'tiny houses' online. There is even a tiny house blog. One can buy plans for these tiny houses.
Bruce Warren
Why waste good screen space with another massively overpriced tiny house? For less than 1/2 that price you can buy many brands of very comfortable travel trailers with toilet and shower and kitchen and even TWO bedrooms. Why stop at parking spot sized residences? Many folks live in urban centers in a big cardboard box. They are called homeless... and that term also applies to anyone living in a SCAD house.
Michael Logue
Looks more like a showcase for interior decorating than space utilization. I guess these would be fine if you are a teenage girl.......
Nice d├ęcor...if you're on acid