The windows remind me of worms or that Nokia phone game Snake.
Aside from the paint job I prefer the before look.
Interesting but really not very attractive and a waste of the corners. Corner lighting is the best use and this just kills it. And how are you going to reward middle managers with a corner office if that corner is more like getting a "time-out"?
Marcus Carr
It looks like a second skin to me - why does the update say that it isn't? That being the case, I hope they have some very skinny window washers to get in between the layers and clean the outside of the original windows and the inside of the new ones.
re; Marcus Carr
From looking in the windows I'm pretty sure that they took off the old facade and replaced it.
Bill Wilson
So, they "updated" it from 50's bland to 30's Art Deco.
Stuart Brown
The building looked a lot better before the people at J. Mayer H. got their hands on it. This is a bad example of the aesthetic benefits of re-skinning a building.
It will be just a few years before this "New" facade will be seen to be just as stale as wide ties & lapels or other decor left over from the 70's. Think how charming dirty old avocado green anything looked when the kitchen finally got overhauled.
John Hagen-Brenner
Ant Farm. Inspiring.
While I like the idea of using fluid lines, I agree with those who complain about the window placement. Additionally I would add that the color chosen makes it look more prison-like than a cheery office space. Would you want to go to work in a dreary dungeon?