Denis Klanac
Wow looks like a dust buster on water!
Bruce Williams
It looks like something between an Aladdin\'s lamp, a sneaker and, yes, a dinosaur skull. Not my favorite design...there is so much wasted space both on and below deck.
Anshuman Kapoor
Awesome..!...I Want one of these..!!!!!
Does it have canons and missile launcher to go in the Indian Ocean ?
Questor Thews
Now, if they could just make it submersible
forget canons and missiles it needs some lazer an stuff
Hahahahha. Phasers and photon torpedoes.
Good for vampires and others who fear the sun. Yet another bizarre yacht designed by a \'designer\' who knows no naval architecture and whose only sea going experience is on a passenger liner.
Glad to see no one is taking this seriously. How repugnant can one get? It carries 25 tons of fuel. It will probably burn 5000 litres (5 tons an hour) Let\'s put that into perspective. The fuel that this thing will use in one hour would power my car for 20 years!!!! Poor Olin must be turning in his grave. (Olin Stephens - One of the founders of the firm that designed this thing)
Why don\'t they just buy a retired cruise ship and be done with it? Then they could bring several hundred friends along instead of just 16.