As foreshadowed by Stephen Donaldson in the Gap Series...
Isn't it really happens to everybody (& countless times!) that, you have a "big day" tomorrow, but you cannot sleep (no matter what you try)? IMHO, any kind of tech (thru Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)?), that can make a person fell asleep fast, anytime needed, would be immensely valuable to whole humanity!
Could this switch be used to help comatose people? That would great if we could wake people from a coma - at will.
How is this news? Didn't this happen years ago?
Regarding the New Scientist article, that is quite interesting. It refers to a different part of the brain and produced the opposite effect. The New Scientist research could make a person unconscious by electrical stimulation. This article could make sedated monkeys conscious by electrical stimulation.

The brain is incredibly complex. Poking around with electrical probes like this is great information, but we have a long way to go to understand how the brain works.
Jonquil Redway
No .. that past (2014) article referred to stimulation of a different part of the brain, the claustrum. Different type of research.
Wish I had a switch that worked on chosen subjects.
Sal Restivo
Paying attention to a century of work in the sociology of mind and brain from G.H..Mead to R. Collins and myself would help dispel a lot of the mystery of consciousness. That mystery is due in great part to studying a sociocultural phenomenon using the tools of the physical and natural sciences and the mental gymnastics of philosophers. See my Einstein’s Brain (2020).
Richard Graham
Uh huh. A spirit hitchhiking on a complex, mammalian structure. Show Me Your "Mind" not your brain. I'm posting a URL for your detached and open-minded consideration. I have no other purpose than this. You and you alone are the searcher and prover of truth for yourself. Grant me a bit of slack here as I toss some "spiritual" guidance into a scientific consideration. In one of Paul's letters, I'm remembering Thessalonians Chap. 5 Verse...hmmm, 21 or so. The subject was how to tell false guidance from the truth. Paul writes, "test all things, hold fast that which is good." That's it. Of course it's not that "simple," we can't start testing with the assumption that we already know the answer...the confirmation bias error, we need to put aside everything we think we know, love or hate, and start testing. These are fruits...or...weeds. Test, taste, them. But...don't dilly dally, we have only a handful of decades in this material realm to figure it out. Btw, nice article, Loz.
Norton Polakis
another what if