Being high on psychedelics is therapy in the sense that it cures not being high. Until your liver and kidneys washes the toxins (medicines) out of your body. Then you've got to buy new and do it all over again.
Guys, rediscovering the poisons of the '60s isn't actually "science" just because you weren't around to experience it the first time.
Everything was "fringe" at some point, until it became iPhones and airliners...
Buyer beware, so to speak.
As a 'veteran' of thousands of psychedelic experiences, mostly LSD in addition to pretty much every other popular psychedelic I will attest to bona fide connecting to other altered states, dimensions... realities, it's real, those 'places' are real. So to is the potential of being affected by powerful negative 'entities'.
Stay to the light!
Jose Gros
I'm not sure DMT is an hallucinogen in itself, Amazonian tribes employ Ayahuasca, Banisteriopsis sp. an herb containing Harmaline, as Peganum harmala has, a compound having MAOI activity, with a source of DMT, is the combination of both what produces hallucinations.
The rationale in this search is silly, as it mimicks the 'Pythoness', women in a temple devoted to that the Greek called 'Apollyon', and Jews 'Abaddon the exterminator', sat in chairs over a terrain crack, where supposed vapors from putrefaction of 'Pyton' snake surged; after a while breathing the toxic vapors, they began issuing 'oracles'; experiences of turning dervishes, akin to 'Babaji' an specially murderer devil, of Macumba, point this is simply an obtunded mind allowing some control to external entities.
Do they want sacralizing drunkenness, obtaning science from hallucinations, from devils?
Insane at any age!
Brian M
Probably nothing too surprising here if the drugs act in away to alter with the normal processing of the brain, nor is that they have repercussions after the chemical has been metabolised out of the body. The reality/world model built into each one of us is easily modified by both experiences (PTSD) and drugs that create a new reality model, whether real or not.

The big problem is not whether drugs should be legal to research, and/or whether to be used clinically u if they have an proven efficacy but what the impact is of the research subjects and any harm so caused.
Marmi Phillips
I appreciate the thoughts and cautionary tones offered in these comments. Having been freed from altering experiences mimicking the True, I can give witness to 4 decades of mind- altering, life - enhancing relationship with Jesus. Light, life and joy. No toxins, no let downs.
Having had many psychedelic experiences back in the late '60s -70's, from LSD, mescaline, psilocybin, peyote, DMT, and MDA, they all have potential to help people if used properly.
Back then, the idea was to get as high as you possibly could which has no bearing on their possible usefulness as a tool to help people.
Used in low doses in a proper setting with an experienced guide there are many possibilities.
I micro-dosed on MDA, and mescaline once, because I had to go to work, and it was the best workday of my life.
DMT, on the other hand, "The businessmans high"due to it's short duration, is not to be trifled with unless you're in a safe setting. It was like being shot out of a cannon into a super psychedelic world with amazing colors, shifting geometric patterns, a very vibratory experience. You had better be lying down for that one.
I do think, though, that's it's "high" time to rediscover these drugs, use them responsibly, and find out the possible benefits for people with addictions, PTSD, and other applications.
"If I don't meet you no more in this world, I'll meet you on the next one, and don't be late, don't be late!" - Jimi Hendrix
Expanded Viewpoint
So just how is any of this much different from the 1960s, when there were jokes about people getting drunk and seeing pink elephants?? How about instead of seeking out various chemical crutches to help deal with life and the living of it, we use some logic and facts to figure stuff out? Confront your "demons" with the help of others who are able to help you do that, rather than obscuring them with drugs that do more harm than good in the long run.
Paul LoSchiavo
Encounters with "exterior" entities has been replicated with directed magnetic fields in an experience similar to the one DMT users describe. Direct stimulation of specific cerebral areas has also initiated these types of sensations. Understanding how our conscious minds distinguish between the I of the ego and the "alien" from the subconscious is necessary before we ascribe any value to these manifestations for therapeutic use.
It took about three seconds from the time the substance entered my lungs until I found myself in a completely different universe. The one from which I came remained visible, but the nature of space and time had shifted entirely. I could see inside space time. Vast! I ran a systems check — bodily functions, mental abilities, etc. — found them all functional, and by the time my self-study completed (maybe 10 minutes) the "normal" universe had returned. This took place in 1964.

Real? Of course! But of what value? I would never voluntarily do DMT again. These 'entities' abound in this universe — we just don't see them. We can, And don't need psychedelics to do so.