peter mcloughlin
Stopping nuclear war is equally important as reversing climate change. The prospect of extinction from nuclear winter is as horrific as the prospect of extinction from global warming. Few think seriously about the danger of nuclear holocaust. Governments are not heeding the warning of history.
Who do you vote for when they ALL lie????????????
richard burcik
On January 20, 2020 NASA and NOAA released the temperature data for the US which showed that from 2012 through 2019 the average surface temperature for our nation fell by 2.6 degrees C. Of course, this fact went widely unreported by the Main Stream Media which is almost entirely committed to environmental alarmism. This is very sad.
Admittedly, most climatologists believe in anthropogenic global warming (AGW) but most astrophysicists insist that our Sun is the main driver of any warming and these solar scientists have asserted that the Earth will be cooling over the coming years due to a Grand Solar Minimum which begins this year. The last IPPC report asserts that CO2 is the cause of over 50% of the warming since 1850 but Prof. Judith Curry contends that CO2 is the cause of less than 50% of the historic warming.Recently, Prof. Nir Shaviv has contended that our Sun has driven about 67% of our planet's recent warming while AGW has accounted for at most 33% of the recent increase in the average worldwide temperature. Subsequently, a Finnish paper (that has yet to be accepted for publication) asserted that humans accounted for at most 10% of any warming. In July 2019 Prof. Hyodo of Kyoto University and his team of investigators reported in a top scholarly peer-reviewed scientific journal (Nature) that AGW accounted for very little of any recent warming. They instead suggested that the "cloud umbrella effect" was the major contributor to an increase in temperature. Next, in August of 2019, a paper by Prof. Wu of China's National Academy of Science and her team was accepted for publication in an important peer-reviewed journal and this research found no evidence of any human-induced warming. Their research confirmed the findings of an earlier 2014 scholarly paper.
Then in September of 2019, a letter signed by over 700 climate experts was delivered to the UN Secretary-General insisting that "NO CLIMATE EMERGENCY EXISTS" (emphasis in the original). Interestingly, this letter came to life in Italy and most of the signatories are from Europe. Couple this with the 145 US "deniers" and the size of the entire group becomes very compelling.
Next, in an October paper published in the scientific journal, "Geology", it was reported that climate change and ocean acidification has occurred before the appearance of hominoids on our planet.It is quite revealing that the climate alarmists readily depict (in graphic form) the correlation of the "temperature anomaly" with the concentration of CO2 in Earth's atmosphere but they never produce a graph of the worldwide average temperature itself over the past 150 years. They avoid this compelling display because this graph (which they never show) would demonstrate a virtual flatline revealing almost no increase and thereby severely undermining their strident claims of a "climate emergency". Lastly, in November, five papers from the Federal University of Sao Paolo came to light which confirmed the veracity of this other research.
Thus, it is longer possible to rely on the mainstream media regarding the truth about climate change.
Based upon these very latest scientific findings the case for the claim of AGW is starting to crumble before your eyes. LINKSFor those who require links here are several:“Calcium isotope evidence for environmental variability before and across the Cretaceous-Paleogene mass extinction” by Benjamin J. Linzmeier, et. al. 28 October 2019, Geology.
This clock is a waste of time (pun intended) and serves to stress people out, which makes them eat and consume even more...
Aiiieee! The end is nigh, again! Still! Same as it ever was!
My clock says doomsday already occurred almost 30 years ago and since then humanity's been in a slo-mo death spiral that terminates with the final collapse of what's left of modern civilization in about another 20 years. Interestingly, humanity going tits-up ends up having nothing to do with nukes or AGW, but rather with something akin to mass insanity. Anyway, the death process appears to take a couple of generations and, short of some black-swan event like JC 2.0, it is systemically irreversible. So, everybody may as well relax and enjoy the show. Remember, Rome didn't die in a day.
It's amazing to me that every scientist will agree that on planet X, it's sun, i.e. it's source of energy, is the primary influence of the surface temperature. But for planet Earth that doesn't apply. Instead humans, like cockroaches, have reproduced and are now influencing the planet's temperature! And the only way to fix it is to go back to the stone age. Of course this ignores times in pre-industrial history when we were warmer than we are now. How can we scientifically explain that? The big yellow thing in the sky dominates our weather too! I hope that it cools off enough in my life time to hear the leftist alarms cry again about the coming ice age!
Aaaaand the doomsayers get attention from the press again despite their claims being no more rational or scientific than the space-alien-body-snatchers kooks. You would think they would have dialed back the global nuclear annihilation schtick after the dissolution of the U.S.S.R. and the disavowal of Mutual Assured Destruction as a U.S. defense policy, but no. They've turned it up to 11, because 10 isn't good enough. Next year it'll be 12. Or 13.
Daniel Grubb
Oooooooooh! The Doomsday Clock. Very scientific way to measure the odds of our impending doom.
Rusty Harris
That "clock" has now been taken over by the globalist "climate change/emergency/global warming" clowns that think man is responsible for "climate change". These smart scientist need to step outdoors during a clear day, and look up at that bright shiny object in the sky. THAT is what is responsible for the change of climate on our tiny little planet!
Sunspots/lack of and their CME's puking out into space, interacting with that protective magnetic bubble around our planet, affect the climate on this planet, short of an all out global thermonuclear war.