Let Armageddon commence...
My first thought was "Ohm NO! Not AGAIN!" And wasn't it also in Brazil that the experiment with africanized bees went awry? and this time we released them intentionally. The sad fact is that we are simply NOT smart enough at genetic engineering to fool around this way yet. Yet even I could have said that was how it would have gone. Whenever species have any kind of a genetic disadvantage evolution seems to find a way to counter it to the positive. So OF COURSE these mosquitoes are now stronger, having turned this new genetic diversity to their own advantage... That's not to say it wasn't a good idea in principle, just that we are simply not good enough at predicting all the various outcomes yet. When we develop supercomputer programs to anticipate all the possible ramifications of any genetic meddling, THEN we will be in the league of the big boys...
“It is the unanticipated outcome that is concerning,”...........Isn't it always!
IMHO, completely eradicating (from existence) each & every disease & parasite, one-by-one, should/must become a long term shared goal for whole humanity!!!
IMHO, mosquitoes do not have any essential function in nature, & on the contrary, they are carriers of many of most dangerous diseases/parasites!!!
Just imagine how many billions of humans & farm/wild animals they killed & how many billions they will kill, if they are not stopped!!!
IMHO, this event, by no means should/must discourage any further efforts/plans/activities to eradicate mosquitoes!!!
Nobody should/must expect everything will always work perfectly @ first!!! We should/must keep trying & learning lessons & improving our methods for success!!!
This is just another example of, no mater how smart we think we are, how little we actually know when it comes to messing with mother nature.
Sad. We need to get rid of mozzies.
This represents an opportunity to learn better theory regarding mosquito reproduction. The more we learn, the sooner we can eradicate those potentially deadly little insects.
Reasonable folks tried to tell GE/GMO researchers to do multi-generation testing in isolated biospheres to discover what intended and unintended results would happen.
My, my, my. Who could have predicted that scientists' experiments with genetic modification might produce unintended consequences...? This is all SO surprising...
Douglas Furtek
In Jurassic Park, Jeff Goldblum warns us with “Life finds a way.” How wise.

And of course, there's Murphy's Law - a law as inviolable as the cosmic speed limit.