I'd agree with all of those. I'd also say you ain't seen nothin' yet! These massive world changing hits are just going to keep coming faster and faster...
"But there’s still hope." - no there is not. Even the IPCC agrees that there's no possible way humanity could ever do enough to make any difference to the direction we are headed.

And just because you don't like the truth, doesn't make it not true. Do the math yourself - it's not hard. Humanity is burning about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 joules per year (a billion petajoules), with 85% of that coming from fossil fuels. Nobody wants to stop moving around, staying warm (or cool), eating, cooking, or having babies - so to REALISTICALLY make a difference, you need to replace all that energy with something green. Those are big numbers. Replacing them is impossible. Sorry, yes, impossible.
@christopher. "But there's still hope" - Yes there is still hope. Mankind is SO resourceful that I'm confident that a solution will be found but it will not be found in social disorder by people who attack Governments such as the UK Government who have done more than any other country to clean up their act. The British Government, probably as do many other Governments are financing research in several UK Universities to capture/convert CO2 and the results are promising which is in line with the spirit of this article in the first place. What protesters should be pushing for is a ban on trade with countries who are the major offenders such as China, India, USA, Australia and South Africa until they show measurable steps to get rid of fossil fuel energy production.
@Christopher Sadly, while nothing is impossible, it does seem astronomically unlikely that we won't live out "Soylent Green" in my life time. The gross waste of resources (food, forest, etc) is the frighteningly visible reminder of all of this and oddly enough, mankind and organized religion have built this buffer called cash to blind themselves from the problem but not really solve it. You're correct. It doesn't bode well for us. I feel sorry for the other living beings on Earth that live out their cycles the way nature intended them to.
Imants Vilks
The sixth achievement is general AI. Not long after they:
1. create consciousness. (currently impossible because they haven't defined consciousness, which is a model of self);
2. insert it in not too big mass-energy bodies. (currently impossible because they can't create enough memory and computing power in a small body); and
3. will manage to multiply, to reproduce these beings.
Then humans will gradually go over to these bodies. If they will not destroy themselves before it.
Well, 4 out of 5 isn't too bad. It's that last one (Anthropomorphic Global Warming, Kumbaya) I have a problem with. I'm all for earthlings living a light footprint, and now that we're all aware of the potential for damage, most of us are much nicer to the Earth. But it isn't a crisis and there isn't a d*mned thing we can do to stop the change of climate which is determined by the Sun and the Earth. We're just little pieces of their ballet. To the anti-Industrial, fear-mongering Left: quit this crap now! There.Is.No.Crisis.
P.S: How is "the climate crisis" one of the most groundbreaking scientific achievements of the decade?
It is very unfortunate for mankind that possible solutions for the energy crisis are still ignored:
You forgot AI - or Deep Learning. It has changed and is changing what humanity does and how we do it.
and climate crisis is not an achievement... great title but this article needs more work.