Tristan P
This will provide a whole new meaning to people saying, "I'm taking a trip to the doctor."
That is wonderful news, I'd love to try it myself someday.
Rusty Harris
I think, in the long run, "natural" products, to help cure diseases, is better than all the chemical crap they have these days.
IMHO, just like prohibition of alcohol actually caused huge criminal activity in the past, prohibition of drugs, like THC, psilocybin, LSD etc, causing huge criminal activity today! We need to take lesson from the past! IMHO, drugs like THC, psilocybin, LSD etc, legally should/must be treated same as alcohol!
Leif Knutsen
Duh. Spoken by a 78-year-old who was a young adult in the 1960s. Psilocybin brought enlightenment into my life and I am thankful for the experience to this day. Does my depression from watching function Planetary Life Support System disappear before my eyes qualify me for a hit or three? I sure feel like I could use a booster.
There is widespread acknowledgement in medicine that many more people are suffering from psychological problems, especially the young. Seeing how complicated modern life can be, this is no surprise. The problem is that the cost of treatment is quite high because they can't be treated with just a pill, requiring numerous sessions, often without success. Conducting trials with placebos of niacin is also unproductive. Half should be given psilocybin and the other a much smaller dose so that one doesn't compare apples with oranges. Having had many opportunities to take shrooms, LSD, MDA in my life, I can readily understand the potentially therapeutic effects of these drugs when taken in controlled environments.
Prohibition goes the prices up my friend.And so,many people become rich.It is for this reason that prohibition exists.
Blake Hutyra
Great article! Terrible header photo for such a serious article.
Roy Lee Patterson
Micro-dosing has been going on for a long time and there are many people who can testify to the positive effects on their lives.
They need to make it profitable.
I hope the project turns up a simple, natural, inexpensive cure to a bad affliction. I also wonder if it might cure the diminishing functionality of the Planetary Life Support System, as Leif puts it. Anyway, best of luck to Usana, and hoping for light reins from the FDA.