A superb idea, even magical. Copyright people everywhere will be tearing their hair out with this one but in the end, all music belongs to all of us and this just made it all that more accessible.
I agree it's a brilliant idea. I believe it is misleading to say "the analysis of the recordings is performed in the cloud". Far more accurate to say on the vendor's servers. But indeed a clever way to stop people reverse engineering and copying their propriety software.
Helooooooo, there are a lot of us Android users out here. Can anyone here me, please release this for android too
Jason Brown
Must have for ANDROID PLEASE!
Just downloaded. Does not work well at all. Check reviews on iTunes. One time out of ten you get something that is a reasonable facsimile of what went in, the rest of the time it will take major liberties with the melody. Hopefully future releases will actually work. Too bad. Nice idea.
David Redpath
Shazzam and the like must be lusting after this tech - hum it play it music discover is finally here!
Alan Wells
The melody is the easy part.
Luigi Risi
Does anyone know about a device that listen to your music and writes down as scorecleaner does, or better?
Scorecleaner is good , but it has problems analyzing certain music. Besides, it doesn't recognize chords.
Janet Bratter
Seems if you want to add harmonies you could record the melody then listen to a playback on headphones while singing the harmony part into this app ('which I'm hoping is also available for my iPod touch and iPad . I'm a professional musician and know that overdubbing in the studio is how this is done. You could create multiple harmonies in this way. (Maybe the hip hop/rapper types will finally try making real music with this app instead of the monotonous, no melody, "the mic is my instrument" way so many of them do these days...)
For android user, you can use this app to detect chord or polyphonic music. Https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appspot.musictranscription