History Nut
So this is a "SpareAir" with a hand pump? I have had a SpareAir for years as a backup for SCUBA diving. What he really developed was the pump to refill it. He is right that the device has many potential users/uses and I will check it out for the pump. Obviously, the writer of the article is not familiar with SCUBA diving equipment. Good luck with the campaign.
What is the top pressure obtainable with the pump? Time to reach pressure? Number of strokes to full pressure? Expected pump lifetime?
Is there any novel element to the pump?
Fred's Brother
So where do I go for a chance to purchase one?
Several points:
#1: As "History Nut" stated that this is just "SpareAir" with a handpump. He may be quite right. Don't be surprised if SpareAir jumps on you with a patent infringement claim.
#2: Due to liability issues no Scuba shop will refill these unless you display a valid dive certification card.
#3: It appears that this is being marketed at casual divers. To promote this to people with no training in its use is courting legal disaster. Hopefully people will get proper instruction in proper use.
#4: Regarding the pump: Is any type of lubricant used in it? The high pressure could cause oxidation of the oil, resulting in CO being produced. A very minute amount, to be sure. But breathing CO can be extremely dangerous as the body's blood has an affinity for CO over O2. Is there any scrubber for the pump?
#5: Is the cylinder DOT approved? Required?
#6: If the fill pressure is 3,000psi, filling that tank with a hand pump can be a LOT of work.
Tend to see this a lot on KickStarter: People come out with "new ideas" that really aren't new but copies of products already on market. Or ideas abandoned due liability reasons.
Other comments have remarked on a couple of the same points i was going to bring up. And a couple i didn't consider. Personally, i do like the hand pump idea, but it seems to me there's a hack that does the same using a SpareAir tank i saw years back. $200 bucks for a single micro spare air tank... That just seems way too high for what it is. You could pressurize a plastic bottle and probably get some spare air for snorkeling for next to nothing cost wise. Even make two bottles for double the air worn on your arm. And yes, it's been done. There's actually a video tutorial on how to do just that. I'd it that route before going with this option. But that's me... Cheers...
$100 for the pump. I would assume it is something like this high pressure, multiple-stage air pump used for pneumatic air rifles. http://www.ebay.com/itm/PCP-Gun-3-Stage-Hand-Pump-310bar-4500psi-for-Air-Rifle/182318148331
"... hassle of traditional diving equipment, so it is going to be used by many people who want the capability but could never justify the cost, or weight, or inconvenience..." Or education?!? This is a liability waiting to happen. Boyle's Law says that every atmosphere reduces pressure by 1/2. An atmosphere is about 32 or 33 feet, recreational snorkelers with no SCUBA education can easily dive to 30 feet and fill their lungs. An ascent from 32 feet with full lungs will double the air in the lungs and cause an embolism. Selling these to non-educated divers is a disaster in the making. Imagine using the "wing" with one of these and gliding along the bottom taking a big breath and then deciding to shoot up to the surface....
Your asking for DCS with this thing. Oh you want to stay down longer strap 5 of these things on your belt. Don't worry about an ascent rate from 30-40ft. Just swim straight up to the surface get an embolism and die because of the nitrogen build up in my blood just expanded. Not to mention in other post about CO2. Any trace amount of CO2 because of lubricant or oil at depth is toxic and can cause DEATH!! This thing should not be sold to anyone who doesn't understand dive theory or what the physiology of the body goes through while breathing underwater. DANGER DANGER DANGER!!!
Former Dive Instr.
I didn't see anywhere that people have to have a open water diver certification to purchase. Basically you took a spare-air and made it so that unqualified people can purchase. This is super irresponsible and will result in death, I guarantee it.
Ed Llorca
Duration claims are HIGHLY doubtful. I own a couple of spare airs (and used them) and I am a cyclist so I have familiarity with both tanks of that size and bike pumps. I cant imagine pumping enough air into that tank to get more than a couple of breaths which for the average person is going to be 3 minutes under water.