This is a no-brainer. Only took 10 years to develop. By the time our legislators figure it out we\'ll be communicating by telepathy.
Paul van Dinther
What stops the user from uninstalling the app?
God forbid we just thoroughly train and test people before granting them a driver license.
Joseph Shimandle
That is illegal in the US. You can not block radios transmission, cell phones included.
Michael Gene
Stupid idea, I imagine pedestrians will become quite irate when their calls are interrupted by this device installed in cars driving by.
I think it\'s a terrible idea.
No passengers can use cells either? Neighbouring cars? Pedestrians?
@Joseph: I don\'t think this is actually \"blocking\" anyone\'s signals. It only prevents the use of the phone which the \"stealth\" program resides on.
@Michael: It won\'t affect pedestrians - in fact, they should be thankful as they are safer when cars using this device pass by!
@Adrien Please see my note to Joseph (above).
I think it\'s a good idea, as it seems impossible to get people to control themselves...
Dewi Owen
Guess what google navigation needs to download live driving directions.. ..internet access.
Congratulations to the concept testing team for their spectacular fail lol
I don\'t believe you can run stealth applications on smart phones. So no 911 calls or On Star analogs which are handset based? I understand the risks posed by driving impaired but this is another knee jerk techno whiz bang solution with unforeseen consequences. Face it, it is impossible to protect people form themselves. We can only educate and inculcate behavior beneficial to others.
I hope they make one that can be used in movie theatres.