If you intend to aim at swimmers, I\'d suggest you\'d best have a lot of money for legal expenses!!! Deliberately terrifying others is not my idea of fun...nor a terribly good idea at all.
Stingraaaaayyy... STINGRAY!!
Nick Rowney
TinTin would wet himself.
Yeah, Calculus would be impressed..
Justice Honesty
i am going to get one of these .
Cowfy Kaufman
inspiring toy.we live in intresting times indeed.
Richard Dinerman
Wonder what a real Great White would think about it when it saw one (assuming someone had the guts to go in the water off Australia or South Africa and chase some down)... would it attack it, run from it... or try to hump it?
Craig Jennings
No such thing as dry humping in the sea.....
another nasty toy for rich assholes to disturb the peace. But the thought of a Great White meeting one of these, could make it all worthwhile
Adrian Akau
It appears to be a wonderful combination of part submarine and speedboat. It should not be used where swimmers or other boats are present; the visability from the inside is limited because of the water on the glass. It sure looks fun to operate but needs some teeth in its mouth.