Awesome toy! This looks like the most fun per dollar yet, and relatively safe.
Gerry Anderson came up with this idea back in the sixties! I hope that they call the first one 'Stingray' !! and the captain is named Troy Tempest... Anything can happen in the next half-hour!
WOW!!! Only $80,000-$100,000? Seriously? Yeah, I think I'll wait for Kawasaki, Yamaha, or one of the other major brands to produce one for under $20,000. Shortly after that I bet I could get one 2 or 3 years old for around $10,000. Not to mention having parts available at my local shop as well as a mechanic who could work on it.
Looks like fun. How deep can one go?
Matt Rings
Great article with the oodles of details we love here at gizmag... More articles need to be written with this amount of detail, if possible.
Now how to get $80 Grand.... Hmmmm....
Give me a JetLev any day!
Michael Crumpton
Why compare its HP to weight ratio to a car? It is a useless measurement of apples to oranges. If you want to compare performance with a car, compare 0-60 times, or number of Gs you can pull in a turn. Or if you want to get closer to apples and apples, compare it to other high performance watercraft. Of course they don't do any of those things, because this novelty craft totally blows compared to any of them.
Even the claim of biomimicry is specious. When was the last time you saw a dolphin or shark planing on top of the water?
Jason Brown
Add a hydrofoil like on an air chair and I'll take 2 please.
James Thistlethwaite
Makes me want to watch old episodes of Seaquest
Clay Jones
Looks like fun. You know what's more fun? Having that $80K+ still in the bank.