http://www.gizmag.com/embrio-one-wheel-concept/2350/ Embrio was a very similar concept. I believe it boosted a much faster top speed. I'm still at a loss to understand what happens to when there is an unexpected curb, obstacle. Self balancing, like a Segway, seemed fun until I almost did a face plant, in the street, after a speed bump.
Freyr Gunnar
Although technically impressive, it seems like solution looking for a problem. A bicycle... - is much cheaper and easier to maintain - doesn't require a battery - can go 10 mph if you wish - provides exercise The RYNO reminds me of the Segway: Lots of money spent before realizing that they will neither be allowed on the sidewalk or on the street. Oops.
Pelican Afloat
This would be perfect for transport iwth a motorhome or, on our canal boat. We could easily store it on the cruiser stern. Great for travelling between locks or going shopping..... Just not a good idea if it fell in the canal (floatation device needed for both bike and rider please :) Please let us know when available in UK PS: nice idea :)
When I think of a single wheel motorscooter, I think of the O'Hare Scooter in the Dr. Seuss movie The Lorax. It was nice looking. IMO, the one wheel Ryno looks more like a motorcycle than a scooter. I think it is a neat design.
Jim Sadler
Like the Segway this is a breakout of a new and useful technology. I can't quite foresee the next step in the evolution of this concept but i do suspect that many will be sold just as it is. Cities that ban the Segway from streets and sidewalks need lawyers to get involved. What is an electric wheel chair but a low speed electric vehicle? If one is allowed the idea of allowing such devices is already established. For example a heart patient who tires too easily when walking might see the device as a medical transportation device that manuvers better than a wheelchair.
I really like the design, but the Segway Glider is a more practical solution for half the price.
Great idea followed up by a guy with vision and obviously a lot ability and intelligence. On this site there are a lot of naysayers. Never listen to them, there is no reason too as they add nothing to the conversation. Hope you sell a lot of them.
Just like Segway when it was introduced, RYNO has a coolness factor too. Price is about the same as Segway except Segway goes 22 miles on a single charge. I don't recall seeing it's range in the article. If I have to choose between these, if RYNO is any cheaper and gives the same range, I would buy RYNO hands down. Sitting is more relaxing than standing, like the former. I hope to see a lot of these at tourist rental businesses.
I wouldn't like to do an emergency stop on one of these...
Drifter, the much larger wheel should give the Ryno better ability to handle speed bumps than a Segway -- though I don't know about a curb. But why I would pick this over an electric bicycle isn't entirely clear to me either.