Tom Arr
Might as well be a shock collar.
Joel Detrow
This is seriously scary.
am i the only one who finds all such efforts at enhansing the tools of authoritarianism and tyranny disturbing?
Tim Lawton
hourglass: yep, the rest of us are fine with this.
This is bad. This is bad and wrong...
Although this seems like a scary device it must be remembered that it is only a concept and will probably stay at this stage. There are thousands of dangerous, inhumane and plain stupid patents out there.
Amnesty International will be delighted. Not.
What happens if there is a power outage at the transmitter.... Also facial restraint with electro shock?!? I find this story's content obscene.
Sorry Gizmag a very poor choice of a story and content. I come to be inspired by design, not sickened.
Anne Ominous
This is a very BAD idea.
"Taser"-type shocks were intended to be a LESS LETHAL (not "safe") means of restraint. They are only supposed to be used when the only other option is deadly force (e.g., shooting the suspect). Putting such a thing in handcuffs defeats the whole purpose, and it becomes instead nothing but a torture device.
According to Amnesty International, which regards tasers today largely as instruments of abuse, tasers are responsible for at least 10,000 deaths worldwide.
And as for "injecting" the prisoner? Illegal as hell. At least in the U.S.
Todd Dunning
If Amnesty International hates it, you can guarantee it is an excellent security product to contain violent prisoners.
Hopefully they can be used on the street soon to increase law enforcement's safety and subdue violent offenders faster and easier.