The revolution has begun :D
Surely this tech would allow the scaling of R/C multicopter drone designs to be able to carry people? Next they need to apply the same weight savings innovations to a generator (should be a short leap, right?) so that there can be a single central power unit (micro turbine?) for multiple remote engines. Preferably in a configuration similar to this:
Larry English
for once - this thing looks pretty good
unlike bikes that hang you from a hammock, or doohickeys that re-invent old problems
Jay Finke
looks like it's water cooled, so much for the 150lbs ?
This has great potential if the load carrying can be scaled up and the electric power boosted with wing mounted solar panels to achieve higher speeds above the clouds.
At 260 kw, there's no need to talk about scaling up multi-rotor drones, there's enough to power existing small helicopters like the MD 500. Although the motor only weighs 50 kg, the aircraft will also need a fuel-burning powerplant of some sort.
The Bishop of D
Siemens may be killing two birds with one stone. A light yet powerful electric motor is far more important to the hybrid/electric car industry than to the aircraft industry,
What about the batteries, their energy capacity and their weight. How do these compare to avgas or diesel engines. So far batteries are a poor excuse for the energy density needs of transportation in cold climates.
Andrej RadoŇ°
At Hobby-King: Turnigy RotoMax 150cc equivalent, at 2,5 kg, and 450$ almost 4kW per kilo. So do you get one of these Siemens for less than 12000$. .? Batteries and/or solar-cells weigh much more than the motor.
I want this for use in Powered Parachuting. No more noisy gas engines.
And how about this technology incorporated into a hybrid Jeep Wrangler. Electric motors providing the Jeep with maximum torque at 0 rpm.
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