Derek Howe
wow, that is one ugly car.
Michael Wilson
after viewing this, i just went to go rinse my eyes in boric acid.
Sorry but as soon as I saw the how the windscreen wipers where mounted I didn't bother reading any further than Singapore.
Those performance numbers can't be right. If the Tesla can achieve 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds from 735 hp and 700 ft lbs of torque, then 1500 hp and 2000 ft lbs of torque are going to make it go from 0 to 60 in under 2 seconds.
Brutalism at its best. Maybe not flowingly beautiful, but how is it possible that Singapore has more inventive engineers and designers than Europe? Proof positive that "heritage" is just an elitist term used to sell more cars to self-indulgent weenies.
Bruce H. Anderson
The styling, certainly not for the faint of heart. The key with electric vehicles is not only range (but batteries are improving) but charge times (capacitors?). The future will be interesting, but I'm kind of partial to sound and fury.
Where is the trunk? Will my golf clubs fit?
Striking design- certainly not a typical 'me too' effort.
Windscreen wiper design could do with some work though- I'd imagine that would have some unfortunate aerodynamic effects.
This kind of car isn't for me (even if I could afford one) but it's an interesting showcase nonetheless. Though I maintain that carbon fibre use should be limited in road cars as it is extremely prone to shattering into shrapnel in the event of a collision.
@gizmowiz, the numbers may be fudged a bit, but it's not unrealistic that 1500 bhp would have a ~2.6s 0-60. There's a lot of other factors in getting to their 0-60 time beyond just horsepower, mainly in how the power is used.
Gearing ratios at the motors can make a huge difference in 0-60 times, and this supercar is likely geared a bit higher than the Model S p90D to hit a flashy top speed number as well as getting stellar 0-60 times. People have reported 0.5s+ improvements in 0-60 times in gas cars just from a tranny swap, so I wouldn't be surprised if longer gearing in the Dendrobium could cause that.
Also, it's nearly impossible to put down 1500 horsepower at 0 mph. There's no rubber on the planet that could hold that amount of inertia without slipping quite a bit, and street tires are significantly less sticky than racing tires, so you could probably hit 1.6s 0-60 in the dendrobium on racing slicks, but that would make it illegal for public roads.
I do agree with you though, it would have been good if they pushed for LaFerrari numbers with a <2.4s 0-60
Not entirely sure this will get road certification in its current form, though it does look nice and aggressive.
There's not much in the way of headlights, and a lot of esoteric aerodynamic bits sticking out ready to cleave pedestrians in two.
The image showing a cutaway of the driver and engine is pinched from Audi (with permission?) and is actually an R18 TDi Le Man prototype from 2012.