Waouh ! At first, i thought it was an architectural concept with nice digital images (as usual) ... But in fact, it is real. It seems to really be a magical place.
Place seems unbelievable, definitely adding this to my bucket-list of places to visit. Absolutely stunning visuals.
Any animals (besides humans) allowed in?
Jay Finke
This is what happens when you kill everything around you that grows naturally , a major problem with the loss of Bees, natures # 1 pollinator !
When will James Cameron begin filming the next installment of Avatar here?
For those familiar with 50's British comics, I was instantly reminded of some of the other planets forests (Venus I seem to remember) shown in Dan Dare in The Eagle. Quite amazing! Maybe their designers also remembered Dan Dare?
And in the U.S. we have... Oh, right. Decaying bridges.
These scenes are straight out of NOT Cameron but more Roger Dean which by the way is suing Cameron for copying his works.
Interesting. How will they stand up to typhoons and other violent weather?
I was in Singapore for work a few months ago for work (2nd time ever, 1st time was 15 years ago for 3 days as part of a holiday). I'd organised an extra day there after my work was finished (at own expense) so I could wander around. Had no idea about the Marina Sands and Gardens by the Bay. Just went for a wander from my hotel room and didn't take too long to spot the Marina Sands and say to myself "that's where I'm heading"! View from the lookout on top of Marina Sands was absolutely jaw dropping!!! :) Supertrees were amazing also. I didn't realise they'd only opened 2 years ago tho. You missed out by not doing the Flower Dome tho Loz! The air inside was so cold it was chilly! Much colder than the Cloud Forest (it was probably actually around the same temperature but more like 10% humidity rather than the 100% humidity that it would've been in the Cloud Forest, hence felt really chilly and refreshing). Plus all the gardens were absolutely beautiful (coming from a male in his mid 30's lol).