Anne Ominous
NASA has a tendency to put warm spin on things.
If you look at the chart of sea ice extent from SNIDC, you can see that right now arctic ice area is greater than it was in 2012.
Robert in Vancouver
There is more ice at the south pole and it is thicker than ever before. If there was global warming, that wouldn't be the case.
And if there was global warming, sea levels would be high and there would be coastal flooding worldwide. But there is no coastal flooding, and sea levels are the same as 10, 40, or 100 years years ago.
I live right beside the Pacific Ocean and have not seen any rise in sea levels or tide marks over the past 26 years. None.
Let's see, how can we make it seem a lot worse than it is? Let's start by taking 136 years of data and paring it down to a 6-month period. Oh, and this is after removing most of the cooler monitoring stations. And after "adjusting" for whatever else they want to adjust for so everything seems worse than it is. They weave their data around El Nino fluctuations so they look worse in comparison. Notice how they always show summer ice content. That's when it's at its lowest during any year. I'm really surprised that there aren't any dead polar bears floating in that picture, y'know, to show the disastrousness of it all. It's just the same old crap from Hansen's old followers. - Notice that the period between 2000 and 2016 seems to be pretty flat. This is when they changed the alarmist term from "Global Warming" to Climate Change. Y'know, since it _wasn't_ warming for a decade. - Cmon, boys and girls. It's time to put the SCIENCE back into science, showing the real data, without all that alarmist crap and skewed, cherry-picked stuff. NEUTRALITY, please. Just the Facts, Maam.
Bernie Koppenhofer
Climate change deniers, (The Republican Party and Republican Congressmen) had better wake up and start mitigating the effects of climate change or there is going to be loss of life that could have been prevented.
You may wish to learn about GeoEngineering. It has been going on for sometime...
@Anne Ominous, you came here and ruined the sensation with your pesky facts.
Pat Pending
Not wishing to be controversial but is there any conclusive proof that this is anything other than part of a natural cycle?
@Anne....that means nothing, it's one year. Not that I care. The climate has always changed. The Dutch has lived below sea level for centuries. We will adapt. And even before then, the world will have moved to clean energy (that process has begun and will only gain momentum). In 25 years people won't talk about climate change anymore and the kids born around that time will never understand what people of today fretted about. Just like kids born after 1991 don't understand the Cold War or kids born after 1950 didn't worry about the Depression, etc. Countless examples throughout history of people obsessing about things that never occurred or had an impact beyond a certain point.
Yet no mention of the Antarctic ice being currently much larger than usual.
Regarding Anne Ominous' comment: The natural variability of sea ice is so large that comparing two specific years is meaningless. The important information is in the long term trend, which as the article notes is a decline of more than 13% per decade. This trend is consistent with all of the other global warming indicators such as average surface temperature, ocean temperature, borehole temperatures, snowpack melt dates and species migration.