love these manned copters.
Any idea of range ad projected price ??
David Evans
These things depend absolutely on their computer programs for stability. I would worry about computer or software failure.
Vanilla Cat
Back in the day before electric motors, The pilot would have had to shout: "contact", "contact", "contact", "contact", "contact", "contact", "contact", "contact", "contact", "contact", "contact", "contact", "contact", "contact", "contact", "contact", to his utterly exhausted ground crewman.
Looks stable while flying in a pretty strong wind. How long can it fly?
The age of the Jetsons is near--a new epoch called the 'electropocene'.
I would test it over water. At least a bit softer landing if you have to go down fast. And maybe wear a helmet. So many points of failure here: using an RC Tx, single battery, broken prop sticking you in the eye. It's the wild wild west all over again.
Given that the pilot on board actually has control over the thing, this I could get behind. (The "pilotless" variety? Not a chance.) However, assuming it was commercially successful, I do wonder about the safety of who-knows-how-many of these things flittering around the sky.
I'm sure the FAA would require some kind of license to operate... but given the popularity (fad?) of drones, you can expect every dufus - and his kid brother - to be chasing that dream. (Think of them looking at it like a "crotch-rocket"... that flies.) About the only thing that might hamper that, is the cost.
I remember reading about the redundancies in the original "IT" (Segway) and thinking, man that's impressive. I imagine minimum fail-safe features of these multicopters is going to be redundant props and redundant controllers, possibly even redundant battery packs. My favorite fail-safe is something like a paraglider in which the airfoil is actually a parachute. So if the motor quits, it's no problem, you've already got your 'chute deployed. (So long as you don't collapse the canopy, that is). How about a battery-powered PPG? I think it'd be great to get that great big clattery weed whacker off of the backpack.
I think the bigger concern is when (and no doubt "when", not if) these multicopters become generally available, the morons who already make the 2-D roads unsafe thanks to their distracted and impaired driving will become bombs dropping out of the sky thanks to their incompetence.