Very nice innovation ! Being able to use the vehicle also on road will be very practicle. The scooter should also be able to transport the wing. Maybe a conventional fuel scooter would be a good idea to increase range and to recharge the battery for the powered fly on site.
"doesn't make any pollution" - LOL - it's amazing how short-sighted otherwise intelligent people can become. Less than 5% of world energy comes from renewables, so there's a 95%+ chance his joy-ride spewed twice as much pollution into the atmosphere as a non-electric engine would have done (accounting for transmission and generation losses). The "+" is because I'd wager he recharged where he flew (La Palma - Torre del Time), and they have 4 power stations there, one coal and oil powered, and 3 gas turbine.
christopher - I understand what you mean but calling others names is not going to help the fact that pure electric propulsion has the highest end to end efficiency unless you really use an internal combustion engine to generate that power. Versatility to use coal if you must but also solar photovoltiacs , for example. ICE's are really heat engines that almost as a byproduct get you moving.
Mihai Pruna
I hope the production version will have something between the pilot and propeller :)
there isn;t going to be any 'thermal riding' with the vehicle weighing 240 lbs, and the non-wing shape of the kite part... wle
Robert Bissett
Some comments indicate a misunderstanding. This a very cool idea, but never intended to be "practical". More like a sport or hobby. A quick search shows that powered paragliders are very limited. Are there times and conditions when I cannot fly? Yes, the fact that you are flying a very light airplane means that you are limited to light wind conditions up to 10 mph and morning and late afternoon flying. The mid-day skys are generally too rough to enjoy this type of flying. The exception to this is beach flying where you can fly all day long as the air is not disturbed by the ocean as much as it is by land.
Bob Flint
So it works great as long as you have a hill or small mountain on your route to where you are going. Cliff diving is not something you would want to do on a regular basis, or as part of an integrated transportation system.
Second your opinion,Swaan. There's several advantages of electric over ICE. 90% vs. 25% efficient,much quieter,reliability,easy starting and cleaner energy/less pollution,depending on the source. Here in Mt. our electric is produced by hydropower. Only 5% renewable is the fault of U.S. short sightedness and power/control of the oil/gas/utilities monopoly. That said,this is one cool ride & fly.
Michael Crumpton
This could be a very useful vehicle in areas where roads are intermittent or bad, for example for a doctor visiting remote villages in Africa. Although the destination would have to have electricity so you can get home.
Jonathan Colvin
Launching a PPG with a two wheeled scooter is already sketchy as heck. Doing it without a cage around the prop sounds like a recipe for mangled lines.