Um... they forgot to iron it before they put it up.
I got the creeps looking at that building!
The building appears to have an edgy-ness right on the Fringe of reality where I kind of expect it to shimmer in and out of existence as if it were constructed right in Brigadoon.
i like it , very organic looking ,, ..
it looks like a very, very bad haircut by an incompetent, or even drunk barber.
Jamie Olsen
nice...Something different, innovative, and a step forward for the better. Hopefully the rest of America will jump on the same wagon.
Le Tuan
i like it
Beautiful...so why oh why the WW2 block bunker at street level? 2much for the human unit to understand.
Patrick Ballenger
Beautiful, beautiful building. Nice to see large projects continue to happen. Gives me a little bit of hope for this country.
Shaun Bracewell
dig it