I believe we are missing a crucial phone here. One of the best phone (not currently on the market) that I believe should be included is the Oneplus One. It is the flagship of startup company that blows other flagships our of the water with specs, design, and price combination. Please include it.
Greg McDavid
No Xperia2? Hardly a definitive guide is it?
While I'm not particularly an Apple fan, the more modest size of the handset is beginning to look better and better to me. My Nokia Lumia 920 is gigantic compared to the 5s and phones do not seem to get smaller any time soon.
Wonderful many good choices. My wants flicker left right and centre.
Great cameras, screens, memories and apps; but which one makes the best phone as in a telephone? Are any of them a great computer?
Which one is the best phone as well as the best computer? Maybe tablets need to include a phone, or soon a phone will be a computer. The holy grail is just around the, the other corner.
John Lacson
No Xperia Z1 Compact...
Whaaat! Why didn't you put the Lumia 1520 in the tap-on display if it is the most famous characteristic form the Nokia Lumias?!! You need to know the phones you are comparing!
Island Architect
Wow Will!!
This is the super magnum comparison.
Amazing what Steve Spawned.
The forthcoming "big" iPhone will reveal the depth of the creativity now.
Will the clocks read to the second?
Will there be a decent bidirectional Calendar that records your time?
Without those it will be sameo sameo.
TWO Samsungs and TWO Motorolas: but not a single Xperia?? I bought my Xperia based on reviews and comparisons in Gizmag - now you've forgotten them altogether: what gives? :0/
Threesixty - In one of the innumerable S5 vs M8 reviews I read they mentioned the M8 as having the best call quality. I don't remember if they were comparing the M8 to just the S5 or to all the top contenders out there.
Keith Lamb
I agree that battery capacity isn't as significant as actual run times, but why aren't they listed for all the phones? That's going to be an important factor when I choose a new phone this summer but not my only one. Knowing the S5 and M8 are the best is nice if that's the only factor, but if the third best option checks my other priorities it might be a better choice.