even thou not well known, SmartQ Z Watch should be mention, since it has similar primary fuctions (pushing notification), among other things. $100 Theres also Geak Watch (relatively new). $320 Goophone Smartwatch, which is more of a smartphone-watch rather than companion device, is also available. $299 These should be considered for people interested in getting a smartwatch.
I think that is a very informative comparison. Perhaps a future comparison will include the ones mentioned by MilkBoy? I wonder if the Geek Watch uses the Nerd OS? :) I wonder if it is from the same company that has a Geek smartphone?
Sick Spider
What about support to Windows Phone? We are here too ;)
Frank Fain
would have been nice to see the AGENT watch also included in this review..
Lewis M. Dickens III
Another fine display by Will... 5 Watches and none of them displaying seconds. Is this 3 generations and back to the plow or is it the great advance of the 21st Century. To hell with Mr. Harison, and Ben Franklin, Nobody needs to be accurate to the NBS standard time?? After lengthy complaints AAPL now is a half second ahead. But wrist watches that may be all over the place in time are basically useless. Bill
Jessica Johnson
I think you left out a really important new watch, the Neptune Pine ( ), which is the only standalone smartwatch so far, is within the price range of those watches, and has incredibly more functionality than any of the above smartwatches.
I appreciate the work done to publish this article. thanks!
I'm still using the original Sony Smartwatch. I think it's a better size than version 2. You can get it for $100 these days so it's good value, and it works with Android 2.3, which suits my old Droid Pro Plus (pretty much the only decent Android phone with a keyboard).
Hmm, none of the five are true "Dick Tracy" video chat watches. Supposedly that Neptune Pine is capable, so that sounds good. Also, hey what about us Blackberry people? There are a couple of us still around!! Lastly, you forgot the oscilloscope watch. That article was only a few days ago too. It was just $125 on the kickstarter campaign! Also, there were 100 of them that went for $100.
Facebook User
They are all ugly as sin and of very limited value. A waste of space