Keep up the work, and work on making it affordable for the general public. :)
They should insulate the top half of the collector tube. More energy will be leaving it than will be entering it by direct lighting.
Interesting. Doesn\'t a camper refrigerator/freezer use a propane flame to heat the ammonia refrigerant ?!? If I remember this is called an absorption refrigerator. Same principle, different application of use. Great for them if it finds a market and makes a profit.
The question is will it provide cooling overnight as well, without the benefit of a alternate heat source? I always thought that cars should use Absorption refrigeration powered by the engine\'s waste heat for their air conditioning.
Michael Davis
Camper refrigerators use the heat absorbed by liquid propane boiling off and expanding into a gas at room temperature to cool itself. The flame is just a pilot light to gradually burn off the escaping gas.
Brilliant! Bring it to market please! Good idea Slowburn.
It\'s too bad the article failed to mention the area necessary to drive the chiller. One more point, while I do not recall the name, there is a company (Japanese, but again, not sure) That does this already. I believe their smallest unit is 10 ton (120,000 btuh).
Stewart Mitchell
The benefit of living underground will be huge. We need to learn how to make it more practical and pleasant.
re; Michael Davis - October 5, 2011 @ 10:39 am PDT Not on any that I have seen. read this page.
Marcus Heavyweather
There was something like a sound-refrigerator some time ago...would love to hear if that is going anywhere soon?