Brilliant. Another good idea: PV on the flat rooftops of commercial warehouse type buildings...
reason: large enough collection area that converting DC from PV arrays to AC for grid tie-in can be done cost effectively, especially if multiple buildings are involved (as in an industrial park).
Power generation close to point of use is always a good idea -reduces secondary costs, and losses from transmission lines.
Sounds a lot like my \'43 bridge idea to cover expressways, insulate the road sheds for sound proofing them in residential areas, and pipe collected air pollution through catalytic converters. Wow, this guy\'s a genius, too! Of course, I only thought of this ten years ago.
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Why the authors of such \"brilliant ideas\" never try to calculate economic efficiency of their projects?

This particular one has a great windage.
Hence it will be expensive in construction and building.

I never believe that generated power will even be compared to expenses!
Carol Wilkerson
It seems like a good idea, but when the cars are on the freeway end to end in a traffic jam would that take away from the solar panel\'s effectiveness? Unless...the cars all had solar collectors on their undersides and could then be using the power in that way. :) Some sort of panel to panel power sharing.
Carol Wilkerson
I suppose I should have read the whole article to know that the solar panels would be over the cars. Still, they\'d have to be earthquake proof and not fall on the cars. Nothing is earthquake proof though, is it?
I think it\'s a good idea but I could see the Los Angeles police department and to a lesser extent the media opposing this. With covered highways the effectiveness of police helicopters is diminished. The media won\'t be able to stalk celebrities with their choppers as easily too. No one would have see OJ in the white ford bronco on TV!
What is the cost per mile and how long will it take to start paying for itself? Until these questions can be answered, it\'s a pipe dream.
Wow...this is weak. So totally ridiculous. Anybody can come up with foolish ideas to generate tons of clean energy. Like building a solar collector in space. Or drilling a hole into the earths core to get to the unlimited supply of heat energy. So weak. Not feasible. At least not now, but this one, most likely never. I guess trying different approaches is a good idea. But ridiculous ideas like this makes the man in the street think it\'s easy to garner green energy.
Darren Johnson
To Habakak:
If the idea is so \"weak\", what do you propose? apparently you believe that you have some sort of special insight into the problem, so let\'s hear it.
At least that is an idea, not just naysaying any idea someone else comes up with.
Charmaine Lim
I like the idea and design. It caters for various purposes. Amazing.