Granted it looks like it will get into smaller clearings but a conventional helicopter with its ability to auto-rotate (glide) to a zero velocity landing looks safer.
Alejandro Amaya
more Moller and Falx cousins, canĀ“t they understand engines are not that powerful
You can plan to build this all you want. Not happening anytime soon. Moeller has been trying for 40 years.
I plan to build a starship. Has about the same chance of seeing success.
Alexander Cardosa
Yes because I feel so safe on regular road. Now I have to be careful with all the flying brainless people.
Alejandro Amaya - June 30, 2011 @ 06:15 pm PDT--- You can fit a 2000hp gas turbine in your lap. The 502ci V-8 ( 8.2 liter) engine in top fuel dragsters produce over 6000hp. Wankel rotary engines each rotor acts like three cylinders in a four stroke piston engine. energy density in the engine is not the problem.
Control, reliability, air traffic control/licensing, and failure mode landing are the problems.
While it might make a great anti-tank platform, we will not have \"Flying cars\" until they can have an fender-bender without raining debris on the unsuspecting people below.
I agree with Alexander, people can\'t handle safe vehicle operation in 2 dimensions, why allow them to operate in a 3rd!
Mel Zimmer
i want one...
Slowburn - I agree Totally..... We are working on a hybrid gen-set system that\'s very compact and powerful (currently 50kw output and only 35kg all up weight).
Safety is key and the fewer moving parts (points of failure) the better...
If electric/hybrid aircraft are not viable, why are people like EADS, NASA, Airbus etc... working on them?
Stov - Agreed, looks like fuelcells cld be the way ahead.
Anyhow, can you share with us any data on the hybrid gensets?
Would love to do a field trial asap, can even share r&d with you.
Currently spending a fortune on fuel.
John M
YEAH, we have heard it all before!!. What about the Moller Air-Car. We r still waiting.
I would like to c a COANDA EFFECT aircraft. This requires 1 motor & 1 fan unit.
The payload sits underneath at the Centre of gravity. It & all none wing aircraft need electronics to make them stable in flight.
How-ever I am building a model to c for myself.
Cheers all