Cool ! A unicycle without saddle and without pedals... Wonder what Kris Holm would make of this ;-)
Wayne Taylor
If this was $300 it would be over-priced.
Preposterous price and anyway I would not be found dead on it! Probably illegal on your town\'s sidewalks as well as mine..but at 1000watts, here it would be a motorcycle not a .....whatever...there is this little federal law.....
Great product idea! I can\'t wait to get my hands (and feet) on it.
Conny Söre
Reality, once again, finally has caught up with fiction.Not Sience Fiction as you might believe but stoneage fiction ( ). :-)
Mark Fitzgibbon
errr...whats wrong with walking???
Justin Murray
Brilliant engineering but these guys should invest in some Industrial Designers if they want to sell this product.
Moshe Feder
I have to agree about the pricing and the questionable logic of carrying a 25 pound device to avoid walking. If it were a tenth the price, it\'d be a fun toy, I\'m sure, but does it make sense for its intended purpose? If these were to become popular, how would you integrate the many people riding them with either pedestrian or motor traffic?
Steve Whetstone
logic makes sense. 12mph is 3 times average walking speed or equal to average bicycle speed. and 12 mile range is more than enough to cover most distances from mass transit to house or work. Walking 3 miles to work is going to take an hour and you\'ll be hot and sweaty when you get in. This will get you there in 15 minutes and leave you looking fresh. 25lbs is fairly heavy, but it\'s lighter than most electric bikes and reasonable for most people to carry the average 50ft-500ft from office to curb or bring on a bus or train.
William H Lanteigne
At $149.99 it would sell like hotcakes.