So basically it is a kit car, yes?
It is meaningless to state the range solar power gives, as this is proportional to the charging time. The correct question is: How fast can the car crawl when it is only solar powered? (- with sunlight coming in the right and wrong direction, as well as in clouded weather.)
so, 12000€, with 7,5 sq meters of solar panels, and even with a "tiny" 14 kW/h battery... Is it magic or bullshit ?
Adrian Pineda
The Saab EV1 from 1985 had solar panels on it's roof. Nobody followed this idea. Just saying.
How about fold out PV panels to extend the charging capacity? Once again, no mention of the platform specifics, like weight & drag. Why do most BEV manufacturers leave these out? Is it to hide the fact they are not serious? Or is it they can't do what Aptera did? Dude! Where's my Aptera?
Odd how people who drive any car expect that retails and the government will provide them with a place to park their car and overlook the exhaust fumes and noise and oil stains that are involved. An EV has none of those offensive characteristics.
The concern about shade is rather silly. Try to find a parking space in any parking lot where there is shade. The shaded parking spaces in most areas are less than 3% of the total.
In urban areas the use of single user powered cars should be banned altogether as they currently consume more than half the city space and do so in as inefficient a manner as could be conceived. Half the very expensive real estate in large cities is used for auto movement and parking even as the utilization rate is less than 50% and this space resource is not even utilized much of the time.
Since up to half your battery power is used for climate control I would rather see the solar cells on a vehicle used for climate control .
Wouldn't it be nice to come out of work after 8 hours in the sun to a cool car to go home in. The hotter the sun got the more cooling you would get.
Pffft....will never happen. The tech is just not there yet (solar panels in terms of efficiency or cost and weight).
Just good to see someone working on something practical even if the price is optimistic. You can buy supercars and superbikes but presciously few practical everyday electric vehicles. These guys are pushing the envelope. One of these days it will be possible to give the planet a break. And the more people doing it the better.
I would really like to try one of these out in a sunny climate like Scottsdale, Arizona as an experimental vehicle.