Bas Klein Bog
Do they float?
love how things just keep getting smaller, i think at 100$ they could be half decent.
Terry Penrose
Bout time someone made a compact quality pool player, I'm most definately interested!!
Harry Jones
Actually Sony are a little behind here. There are already a couple of waterproof and wire free devices exactly like this on the market for half the price. These have proved hit and miss because of the in ear fit - if it's not perfect water gets in [whilst swimming] and the music has gone.
The best, much more advanced product I have seen for top audio whilst training is the FX-Sport VR1 model which has also has a customisable personal trainer facility and race a virtual athlete functionality as well as better music navigation and 8GB. The Sony is a music player whereas the VR1 is a training device as well. For me, a level above.
I owned the Wave from some smaller outfit - total junk. Although only worn for exercise, never for swimming, it pooped out after a month and refused to charge. I'm hoping this industry giant has their act together because considering how boring swimming is, and how annoying cables are when you're active, this is a gadget that I'll buy right away.
Roger Wasson
Actually, the waterproof aspect is new, but the in-the-ear mp3 player thing is not.
Great! Now people can be oblivious to all around them while they are in the water. I wonder how many people a year die while wearing earbuds because they are too distracted to see that car/truck/bus coming at them?
Dave Hargraves
4gb is your first mistake i have a 8gb ipod and i should have bought the 64gb, if you ask me 64gb should be the minimum storage capacity have a nice day. Regards, Freelance Eng.(designer of smartphone tech,
Robert Moynihan
Sure hope the tension band is strong enough. If not, when you sweat these things will fall right our of your ears. Look at the trouble and modifications I had to go through with last years model and why the downgrade to 4gb. Mine is 8gb and I wish it was more.
Wow these sound amazing too bad if you get any scratches on the goggle lenses!