Lotus had this in-house a number of years ago - two family sedans were placed in the hedges - did not have the brakes to match the engine sound - sound great though...
How many \"days\" before some stupid kid buys this thing and install one or more loudspeakers OUTSIDE his car to make itsound hot !!!!
I live in Montreal suburb and young kids with rusty Honda Civic change the muffler to a muffler that \"makes noise\".
There is law against that but the police doesn\'t do anything. And now this !!! Great. :-(
they could also have a scifi setting for speeder bikes, land cruisers etc .. you get the idea ..
Gerard Gallagher
I seem to recall a version of this featuring on BBC\'s \"Tomorrow\'s World\" show years back...
Craig Jennings
Maybe with the noise on the inside they might not bother with making it on the outside Hired_help, you might get lucky mate! ;)
I\'m sure the owner of the Kia is thrilled with the cardigan reference. Sadly this thing didn\'t like the Tarago... :(
This idea occurred to me over 10 years ago when interference in my car radio rose and fell in pitch with engine revs (alternator interference). My hope was to use sounds recorded from my beloved Ducati 900SS, although I didn\'t have the tech smarts to implement it.
High tech, and grown-up version of baseball cards in bicycle spokes. Awesome, I\'m getting one for the wife\'s car as a birthday present for myself. I\'ve joked with my brother\'s for years that electric cars will get no where until they are exciting to drive. This \'toy\' would be a good start. I joke that they should make the throttle response of an EV like a carburetor with a second or two of \'engine lag\'.. coupled with a spooling sound like a jet turbine.
Muscle cars stimulate our sense of sight, touch, hearing, smell, and balance (acceleration). Remove one of those components and they aren\'t as much fun. Modern cars are not much fun... this is a great cheap product to elicit more fun.
@Giz:Much appreciated, accurate, and informed review surpassing the 4 1= __th gear review. Keep up the great work.
Most people want to get *RID* of engine noise in the cockpit! And besides...if I want to hear a big V8, I\'ll just take my 72 Cutlass 442 for a spin...455 cubic inches of raw power (7.7 liters to you metrically inclined) and over 500 horses and 600 foot pounds of torque...and that\'s basically a stock engine!
Alan Meeker
You have to see this!! I want one. Where can I get one??