I wish that sometime in my life I had felt good enough to try a silly stunt like that.
Excellent. It might be a good idea to install the body. Anyway, I wish you good luck.
Bob Shock
Two guys beat by a girl on a tricycle! Girl Power! Recumbent Power!
Bravo! Bravo! Once again the recumbent shows its ability to out-perform the upright diamond-frame bicycle. Snow. Ice. Winds. Glaciers. Or just a quiet ride on an old tow path. Recumbents are, truly, the cycle design of this century. Congratulations to all involved. The rider, obviously, but also the designers and builders at ICE. Bravo!!
She's nuts!
Hurray for Maria and for recumbents. Trikes have become light weight and fast and they enable cyclists with handicaps or balance issues (e.g. from multiple sclerosis) to keep riding. However, the most interesting technical advance for recumbents comes from a design that moves the bottom bracket and drive train to the front wheel. This does away with recumbents' huge disadvantage when going uphill. Maria Parker at age 48 (!!) broke a number of records and won RAAM on her Cruzbike Vendetta. Convinced me to ditch my 18lb carbon recumbent for this new design - and it's working!
The south pole on an ICE machine. Perfect !
Jeffrey Penso
Dave B13
When I saw the attempt announced on Gizmag, I thought it would be a big fail, without even reading much of the article. I am astounded.