Got a space-obsessed family member or friend on your holiday list this season? Fear not, because we've got six amazing gift ideas that will surely satisfy anyone that loves staring at the stars — all available via New Atlas Deals.

Know someone still upset that Pluto is no longer considered a planet? The AstroReality Pluto Classic AR Model will lessen that blow, letting users explore Pluto from the palm of their hand! Ultra-precise 3D printing technology and an Augmented Reality experience lets Pluto fans feel the terrain, landmarks and features while observing visually thanks to the companion app for just $59.99.

The Levimoon isn't your average moon light. No way! The Levimoon is the world's first levitating moon light, hovering over its base and changing light with the touch of a button. This cool Kickstarter-funded product recharges wirelessly and serves as the perfect mood light or night light for anyone on your list. Grab it here for $199.99.

For the space lover in need of some home decor, Space Art Posters let your giftee marvel at the Andromeda galaxy from the comfort of their own home. The astrophotography print is also 3D and comes with glasses that make the galaxy pop, giving it greater dimensions. This unique art piece is available for just $19.95.

The space fanatic with a sweet tooth will adore this next one! Sparko Sweets Galaxy Lollipops are designed with the planets in mind, yet made in rich, delicious flavors like melon, guava and cotton candy. These make a perfect gift and even come in a snazzy special gift box, complete with space foil packaging. A 10-pack of these tasty treats costs $22 here.

Want to give a special gift that your giftee will cherish for a lifetime? Strellas Personalized Star Mapsimmortalize the sky for any date, time and location. Pick the date a child was born, a wedding or any other special moment and the online star map editor will recreate exactly how the sky looked that night. A digital file of this unique creation is only $20.

Don't have a budget to send your favorite space-obsessed pal to Mars? The AstroReality Mars Classic & AR Notebook Bundle is the next best thing. 3D printing and AR technology will make them feel like they're actually exploring Mars in person, letting them feel the terrain while checking out the lay of the foreign land via the companion app for $69.

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