Interesting concept - the lower priced (and less physically jarring) version of getting up there - plus you get 2 hours rather than the 15 minutes Virgin Galactic is offering...
It would be nice to observe the black sky and see the curvature of the earth. However, the curvature of the earth has been observed since the earliest sailing days when ships seemed to rise out of the water on the horizon as they came closer, They also seemed to sink as they sailed away. I'm sure that sailors had a pretty good idea that the earth was round long ago.
I'll just enjoy the experience in VR, thank you very much.
This is naive. Ballooning in the stratosphere is still in the realms of exploration. It is considerably less tested than space flight. Ballooning sounds easier than rocket science, but is it?
David V
Think the first trip up should be free for members of the Flat Earth Society...
And how far from the starting point will you be after about 6 hours of drifting away? In which direction?
Howard Chin
I'm surprised that 9 people would each pay $125.000 to go up that far suspended by a hydrogen balloon. Maybe US patent 9,739,567 has a future as a tourist attraction after all. It wouldn't dump the lift gas at the end of each flight, and you could stay up there as long as they'd let you.
Looks very cool and I wish I could do it, but I'll probably have to wait for a space elevator to bring prices down.
Using up that huge amount of valuable and limited Helium for each launch seems like the worst kind of excess.
And that for 'cheap' thrills for millionaires?
Please tell me that it will use green produced hydrogen! It would add to the thrill factor...!
Makes me want to see Adventures of Baron Munchausen again. They had a balloon scene in it that went just a little farther than that!